Quirky Weigh To Go Prevents Outrageous Baggage Cost

If you’ve travelled recently, you may have been dinged with extra charges for checking in a bags that weigh more than normal.  Airlines are now charging for bags that weight over a predetermined weight limit.
Quirky Weigh To Go Luggage Scale 2
Weigh To Go is a combination luggage tag/weighing scale that is designed to help travelers avoid overweight baggage fees. The compact device attaches to the luggage handle and displays the luggage weight on its small display.

The battery-powered Weigh To Go is made of ABS plastic and rubber, and attaches to the luggage handle with two Velcro straps and a steel carabiner with a built-in combination lock.

Quirky Weigh To Go Luggage ScaleTo weigh the luggage, you simply hit the power button and release the Velcro straps from the luggage handle while making sure the steel carabiner is secured. Lift the body of the Weigh To Go upward to lift the suitcase off the ground, wait about five seconds, and then slowly lower the suitcase to the ground. The weight of the case will be displayed on the Weigh To Go’s digital display.

The Weigh To Go is available from Quirky for a special pre-sale price of $33, which is $5 off the retail price of $38. (www.quirky.com)
Published on March 3 2010