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    Shimano Combines State-of-the-Art Reeling with Digital Control- The Calais 200DC

    Shimano’s new Calais 200DC, the next evolution in digital cast control system, features a unique new 4×8 Digital Control braking system, which provides exceptional casting distance and backlash control. There are 32 different settings, eight in each of four modes – extreme mode for competition casting; long distance for normal fishing situations; accuracy mode for pitching low spool speed lures; and a wind mode when the conditions prevent most anglers from using a bait casting reel.

    Shimano Combines State-of-the-Art Reeling with Digital Control- The Calais 200DC

    Reels which employ conventional (Centrifugal or Magnetic type) braking systems to prevent backlash operate efficiently around 15,000 to 20,000 rpm. With the Calais 200DC digital braking technology, it is possible to allow spool rotation to exceed 50,000 rpm (Extreme Distance Mode) and still maintain excellent line control for longer, more accurate casts.

    By opening the side Escape Hatch you can dial in the mode you want.(X-Extreme Distance,L-Long Distance, A- Accuracy and W-Wind). Then simply set the eight-level selector dial and the Calais DC allows you to refine the braking application based on lure type and casting method.

    Shimano Combines State-of-the-Art Reeling with Digital Control- The Calais 200DC 2

    The Shimano Calais DC reels have the following features:

    • 4×8 Digital Control
    • 10BB + 1RB S A-RB® Anti-Rust Bearings
    • Magnumlite Spool
    • High Efficiency Gearing (HEG)
    • Tapered Titanium Levelwind Insert
    • Smooth and high power Dartanium Drag Performance
    • Super Free Pinion Gear System (SF) eliminates friction between the pinion gear and the spool shaft for increased freespool
    • Super stopper anti-reverse
    • Cold Forged Handle Shank
    • Recessed reel foot for excellent palmability and comfort
    • Aluminum Frame and Sideplates

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    The 200DC has a waterproof electronic digital control braking system and a 7:1 gear ratio. It has 11-stainless steel ball bearings, Shimano’s Super Free bearing supported pinion gear system, and the Quickfire 11 clutch bar casting system- an impressive set of features.

    The Calais 200DC is different from other reels. It uses an adjustable digital control to prevent backlashes, and the settings are easy to use and understand.

    The results of this bait-casting wonder is very strong.  Casting goes way farther, and there’s no need to thumb the reel to keep it from overrunning. When you cast with this reel, you immediately hear the digital braking system engage and slow the spool—without affecting distance.

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    With the internal setting for wind, the Calais 200DC does remarkably well into the wind. Aside from pro fisherman, this reel is awesome for a novice as well.  It really assists with throw and accuracy, even with someone who does not have tons of experience in more challenging conditions.

    The Shimano Calais 200DC retails for around a salty $650, but its well worth it for a lifetimes worth of great bait casting.


    Published on May 3, 2010

    David Novak
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