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    Logaway Web-based Password Manager Site

    Every site we belong to needs a different, secure password. Logaway ensures forgotten passwords are no longer an issue.

    Logaway Web-based Password Manager Site

    Logaway is a Web-based password manager site that provides anytime, anywhere login to all of your online services and accounts.  This new service not only helps you safely keep track of every password, but also offers one-click access to an entirely new browsing experience. It’s this level of connection that sets it apart.  It’s not just a list of your passwords, but a portal to the sites you love best.

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    Logging in gives you simple one-click access to every site without the hassle of remembering how to log into each one. Check your account balance while you look at the scores from last night’s game. Chat with your friends on Facebook as you simultaneously review airline ticket prices and decide which movie to see tonight. There are also shopping discounts.

    The site is secured by host-proof-hosting.  Passwords are encrypted in your computer’s browser before they’re sent over the Internet to Logaway’s servers. They can only be decrypted and used by you – no one at or on the Internet has any possible way of seeing your confidential information. Logaway uses McAfee (for daily anti-virus/anti-spyware scans), they use SSL certificates, and TRUSTe for user privacy. Also, Logaway has dedicated, managed servers that are SAS70 Type II certified.  They underwent penetration and code testing security assessment and are certified as secure by a leading and independent security assessment firm named Redspin in Carpinteria, California.

    Adobe Photoshop CS5, aims to help make our digital lives more convenient and safer with a Web-based password manager. From a customizable start page, the site offers one-password access to all your password-protected sites (as well as to those that don’t require a password). Since it is available online, you can access it anywhere, making it much more convenient than password software.

    It also has a number of other helpful features, gadgets, coupons, and more. Among the features are streamlined browsing for e-mail, social media, news, weather, driving directions, gas prices, sports scores, movie times, shopping, banking, and investing, to name just a few.

    A user logs into and essentially opens a ‘locker’ that allows instant access to all of your selected sites. Then, when surfing the web with Logaway, an optional browser bar follows you to your site of choice, easing navigation to the next site without having to go back to the Logaway start page.

    When establishing the account, a user searches for sites via categories, then selects and arranges favorites from icons representing thousands of the Internet’s most popular sites. The user then enters the username and password for each selected site (for the last time ever). If a site isn’t already included in Logaway’s catalog of sites to choose from, users can add sites themselves.

    Adobe Web Premium CS5

    Also, the user can select and position desired gadgets and other features, with everything organized onto one personalized, user-friendly homepage tailored to your preferences.

    The concept was born shortly after company founder David Lynn lost an extensive list of passwords in a misplaced piece of luggage on a business trip. He had already been frustrated with the time it took to type in password after password, maintain records of various passwords, and constantly reset passwords (dealing with countless confirmation emails, call centers, etc.).

    So, working with a team of first-rate programmers, he led the effort to simplify the process, dramatically streamlining the daily Internet browsing experience. The result is a system that dramatically improves usability without sacrificing security.

    Published on May 28, 2010

    David Novak
    David Novak
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