Sanyo Sheds Light on Future of Projector Technology

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SANYO reveals its plans to expand its product and technology offerings at InfoComm 2010. With a primary focus on new products in three categories — Wide aspect ratio, SANYO’s unique QuaDriveTM technology, and ultra short-throw projectors, SANYO will exhibit its newly expanded projector lineup under the theme of “Expand your Vision with SANYO” at InfoComm.

Sanyo Shed Light on Projection Technology

“SANYO is displaying a number of technologies and products at this year’s show that demonstrate our innovations as we continue to advance our leadership in the commercial marketplace,” says Sam Malik, Vice President of SANYO North America Corporation and General Manager of the Corporate Solutions Group. “To maximize growth, we will identify and create solutions that will most benefit the presentation market through the end of this year and into 2011.”

QuadriveTM is a SANYO- unique optical engine that adds a yellow color control device to the red, green and blue elements of a 3 LCD system. This produces a wider color gamut, in addition to enabling much higher brightness levels, making QuaDriveTM ideal for large venue presentations. First introduced in 2008 in the PLC-XP200L, in 2009 the technology demonstrated effective color output even at the high brightness level of 12,000 lumens. At InfoComm 2010, SANYO will preview and demonstrate the PLC-HF10000, the world’s first QuaDriveTM projector featuring 2K resolution, which is higher than Full HD resolution.

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With new technology and new optical engine designs, SANYO has been able to significantly reduce both the throw distances and the chassis size of their new short throw projectors. The PDG-DWL2500 (WXGA resolution, 16:10 aspect ratio) and PDG-DXL2000 (XGA resolution, 4:3 aspect ratio) are nearly half the size of conventional projectors, and the PDG-DWL2500 can produce an 80-inch screen image at the world’s shortest throw distance of just 12.6 inches. Both models are 3D ready, and compatible with the frame sequential 3D format. The wide aspect ratio (WXGA resolution) PLC-WL2500 uses a new ultra short focus lens to project an 80-inch image at a distance of less than 3 feet, and its 3LCD system is capable of tremendous brightness at 2,500 ANSI lumens.

In the commercial projector market, demand for wide aspect ratio projectors has been continually growing, and according to analysis by Future Source, by 2012 about 30 percent of sales will be in Wide aspect ratio projectors. SANYO has been anticipating this trend in its product development and planning, and this is evident with the wide aspect ratio projectors on display InfoComm.

In total, five new Wide aspect ratio models will be introduced at Infocomm. The PLC-HF10000, PDG-DHT8000L, PLC-WM5500 and PLC-WM4500 are all suitable for large venues needing high brightness and the PDG-DWL2500 and PDG-WL2500 are new short-throw projectors that will feature the Wide aspect ratio format.

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Making its debut at Infocomm, the PDG-DHT8000L is an extremely bright projector with 8,000 ANSI lumens. This native Full HD single DLP projector utilizes not only two UHP lamps at 330W each, but also twin color wheels. Its newly developed Peltier element cooling system allows it to operate in near silence while projecting a bright image. In its Eco-mode, fan noise is only 35 dBA. Minimal maintenance is required, due to its dust-resistant sealed optical engine and 30,000 hour Active Maintenance Filter system.

The new PLC-WM5500/L and PLC-WM4500/L high-resolution Wide XGA projectors have the highest brightness in their class, reaching up to 5,500 ANSI lumens, making them ideal for large venues, including conference rooms and lecture halls. Both provide a Picture-in-Picture and Picture-by-Picture mode to enable simultaneous presentation of two images. Their long-life optical engines and filter systems achieve both high reliability and low maintenance costs.

Published on June 10, 2010