Touchscreen iMac Rumored To Run OS X And iOS

Rumors are suggesting that Apple is planning to develop a hybrid OS into their iMac lineup.  The iMac should be equipped with both Mac OS X and a touch interface for iOS (the iPhone/iPad software).   …basically a touchscreen iMac.

A few weeks ago, Steve Jobs announced that Apple is renaming iPhone OS to iOS.  The company has been putting a major focus on Multi-Touch™ since the iPhone’s debut, and adding it to their desktop line is likely.  Such a move will assist developers in building and testing iOS apps, while opening up new possibilities for touch-screen computing.

Apple will release the new iMacs at a Special Event within the next 60 days.

We’ve certainly heard about a new iMac for over 2 years, and this would be Apple’s first attempt at a 20+-inch touchscreen.

Published on July 5, 2010