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    Powermat Introduces 2nd Generation Products

    This just in from Powermat…..

    The Biggest Thing in Wireless Charging Just Got smaller

    Next Generation Powermat receivers fit phones seamlessly, for big convenience in a sleeker size.

    Powermat is providing consumers with the latest accessories in wireless charging just in time for the holiday season! The iPhone 4, BlackBerry Bold 9700 series and BlackBerry Curve 8500/8520/9300 series are now among the many Smartphone’s that can be powered by Powermat. The new receivers lose the medallion and gain a sleek and form-fitting design to mimic the phone’s backdoor.

    On November 8th these new receivers will be available in Canadian stores at more affordable prices. Receiver and mat bundles once priced together at $149.99, now start from $49.99 plus tax!

    The newest bundle to join Powermat is the iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 receiver comes with a 1x mat, specially designed to cradle the unique Apple shape.

    Joining the receivers is the latest Powermat accessory, the Power! Dual 1850 Rechargeable Backup Battery.  Recharge this compact, portable battery on any mat to power any BlackBerry, iPhone or other device, to give you power on-the-go.

    Battery Door for BlackBerry Bold 9700 Series

    Simply replace your BlackBerry Bold 9700 back door with the fastback Powermat receiver and it’s ready to drop and charge on any Powermat. The ultra-slim form-fitting design adds comfort and convenience to wireless charging. It is available now for $39.99 (plus tax).

    Receiver Case for iPhone 4

    Now a case can do more than protect the iPhone, it can keep it charged too. Unlike the two-piece iPhone 3G receiver, the new one-piece iPhone 4 receiver easily slides and snaps on for simple wireless charging. The case’s shape allows connector cables to pass through the micro USB to sync, so removing the case is not necessary. This case will launch in stores in November 2010 for $49.99 (plus tax).

    Wireless Charging System for Phone 4

    With all the energy-draining apps of an iPhone, it’s easy to quickly lose battery power. The Wireless Charging System for iPhone 4 comes with an iPhone 4 receiver and 1Xi mat. This bundle is ideal for any room or office to keep your iPhone 4 charged at all times. This case will launch in stores in November 2010 for $79.99 (plus tax).

    Battery Door for BlackBerry Curve 8500/8520/9300 Series

    Simply switch your phone’s battery door with the slide on receiver, place your BlackBerry Curve on the mat and charge. It replaces the battery door for an ultra-slim profile adding comfort and convenience to wireless charging. This product will be available in stores on November 8th 2010 for $39.99 (plus tax).

    Power! Dual 1850

    Rechargeable Backup Battery

    This accessory from Powermat can simultaneously charge 2 devices on the go! It has an Integrated Micro USB and Apple connectors to charge smartphones and hundreds of other devices. Enjoy up to 13 hours more talk time, 17 hours more video time and 80 hours more music-listening time! Set the Power! Dual 1850 on a Powermat to charge and go. Charge it. Take it with you. Always have POWER! This product will be available in stores on November 8th 2010 for $59.99 (plus tax).

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