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    TC Electronics TC TouchMonitor TM7 & TM9

    TC Electronic introduces its first stand-alone, multichannel loudness meter, featuring touch screen with highly flexible layout options: TC TouchMonitor TM7 & TM9.

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    In essence, TC TouchMonitor TM7 & TM9 is the ultimate loudness meter solution, featuring touch screen, an extremely consistent loudness readout and compatibility with e.g. American, European and Japanese broadcasting standards.

    For decades, TC Electronic has explored and pioneered the field of digital audio and loudness metering, offering state of the art tools for measuring, correcting and converting audio for a wide variety of applications. For instance, the amazing Radar Meter is available as a software plug-in (LM5D) for Pro Tools HD and TC Electronic’s award-winning System 6000 MKII platform, DB4 and DB8 broadcasting processors and the newly introduced LM2 rack based stereo loudness meter, and now it will also be available as part of the new TC TouchMonitor TM7 & TM9 stand-alone loudness meter.

    The TC TouchMonitor TM7 & TM9 is a full-featured stereo and multichannel loudness and true-peak level meter, which is perfect not only for broadcast ingest and transmission, but also for post, film and live production. To comply with a given international broadcasting standard, the numbers representing loudness are paramount, and these all-important digits are displayed instantly on the large color touch screen.

    The new loudness meter comes in 6 basic configurations based on connectivity, features and physical size. Users will be able to choose between 7” or 9” touch screen, stereo or multichannel and whether they want the Radar Meter to be included with the multichannel version or not. Further, it is possible to choose between a number of I/O options. As standard, TC TouchMonitor TM9 comes with 16 digital balanced I/O, and TC TouchMonitor TM7 features 8 analog plus 8 digital I/O. However, an additional number of I/O configurations on either balanced or unbalanced connectors (Sub-D or BNC) are available as well. An SDI 3G I/O card will be available for TM9 in 2011.

    Further, TC TouchMonitor TM7 & TM9 can also be expanded/upgraded by installing optional software instruments (meter types) such as Real Time Analyzer or upgrade from Stereo Mode to Multichannel Mode. For a full overview of the basic configurations and the available hardware and software options, please visit the TC TouchMonitor TM7 & TM9 product pages on TC Electronic’s website.

    Finally, the new loudness meter also features a number of highly innovative and very flexible features that will make the everyday lives of professional broadcasters easier as well as help achieving ultimate end results. For example, the large color screen can be configured to meet any need imaginable. One screen layout could be to let the Radar Meter fill out the left (or right) side of the screen, while the remaining space could be used for other instruments such as a Phase Meter or a Surround Sound Analyzer, but it would also be possible to monitor several Radar Meters simultaneously by resizing them to fit the screen. In other words, the screen layout can be tailored in order to be optimized for any type of application.

    In short, TC Electronic is proud to present next generation loudness metering!

    Available: December 2010

    Prices start from $4264 USD MSRP

    David Novak
    David Novak
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