Segway x2 Golf review (video)


If you’re not a fan of the golf cart when playing a few rounds because you consider it an elderly device, check out the Segway x2 Golf. You might change your mind. It is supported by turf friendly tires, a golf bag carrier attachment that allows for easy dismount and club access, and an integrated scorecard holder with slots for scorecard, golf balls, and tees.

A single charge should allow you to play up to 36 holes, or travel up to 14 miles.  Top speed, like all Segways, maxes out at 12.5mph.

Once billed as the future of personal mobility, the Segway has certainly had its hay-day of marketing exposure. The Segway x2 Golf has been no different, first announced and currently being offered at the Tiburón Golf Club at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort in Naples, Florida.

A typical round of golf at the course usually takes at least four hours, but the Segway’s zippiness enables 18 holes in less than three hours. Whatsmore, players who use the Segway products also find that it’s easier to talk because all four players can travel the course side by side, rather than having to split up into two separate golf carts.


The x2 is a very smooth ride.  The low-pressure tires really lend well to the turf, both providing shock absorption over the rough and little to no markings on the turf.  It also seems fast.  12.5 mph is faster than you think, especially when standing upright.

The little extras Segway incorporated into the x2 Golf are pretty cool.  The scorecard/golfball & tee holder are worth a grand alone.  But what really stands out is the golf bag holder.  Not only is it in the perfect place for accessing a single club or the whole bag, but it doesn’t affect the balance of the unit, even during faster speeds and turns. It also secures your bag very tightly thanks to the gripping arms, and it will hold nearly any size of golf bag.

Finally, the other selling point of the x2 Golf is the fact that it can hold some major charging juice.  A single charge will allow you an entire 14 mile travel distance, which equates to about 36 holes.  Actually, when I used it in Naples, we probably traveled a bit further than that, and we completed two 36-rounds in about 9 hours of play…..and the Segway was still motoring.

Sure, it’s $7,999, but unlike a golf cart, this thing can be ridden on the streets or into the pro shop.

Check out Segway’s promotional video…….