Everykey Unlocks Anything

Everykey replaces any key with serious security

Everykey is a smartband that wants to take the place of your physical and digital keys, putting them all on your wrist.

The Everykey is a Bluetooth device that communicates with a variety of compatible objects, notably other smart devices like smart door locks or smart light bulbs. It also works with smartphones, computers, smart car doors, and even online accounts. Once within range, the band sends out the required passcode to unlock or turn on a registered device within 3 meters.


Everykey Has Serious Encryption

Users can manage Everykey through their computer devices, making connections to various locks or accounts. Since security is obviously important, Everykey takes encryption seriously. Your device passwords are never specifically stored on servers or on the wristband itself. Instead, the Everykey software has each device create a keychain that hides an encrypted version of the password within that device. The smart wristband identifies itself, unlocking that keychain, and allows the device to supply its own password (the exceptions are website/account passwords, which are encrypted on servers). The encryption is AES 128-bit, a common financial-level standard.

 Everykey unlocks anything


If you lose the Everykey, you can go online and deactivate it, preventing it from unlocking any of your devices. The device also uses some latent spoof prevention in an ever-shifting Bluetooth messaging system that makes it difficult for hackers to identify any particular signal it sends. It also has a 30-day battery life on one charge.

 Everykey comes in colors

Where to Buy

Everykey is a Kickstarter project, and by supporting the venture, you can get up to $50 of your money back as a discount on the retail price of the Everykey when it ships in 2015.  The retail price is expected to be $100, and it will be available in a number of pastel colors.  FYI, iPhone users will need a jailbroken version of iOS to unlock smart devices.