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The A.I.-Powered Bryte Bed

Deep sleeps seems to need some help these days for everyone. The percentage of sleep deprived citizens is staggering. That’s the premise behind the artificial intelligence-powered Bryte Bed, a smart bed that learns the habits of its occupants and makes adjustments to optimize sleep patterns. One of the newest smart beds to enter the market, the Bryte Bed is now shipping after four months of pre-orders.The Bryte Bed uses a vast array of sensors to measure the occupants’ weight distribution, pressure points, body temperature, and overall sleep quality. The Bryte Bed is composed of 16 different zones and that can be adjusted via a pneumatic system. This system operates constantly throughout the night, making minor adjustments to keep the user comfortable without waking them. And the pneumatic adjustments are almost silent.

Dual-side functionality means the Bryte works for both single occupants and couples. The A.I. is able to differentiate between each occupant and make small adjustments to ensure both people get the best sleep possible.The Aiden Sleep Service is the brains behind the bed. Bryte calls the service your “personal sleep expert.” The Aiden Sleep Service processes the input data from the sensors throughout the bed to learn how each individual user sleeps and help them reach deeper levels. The system even learns your normal sleep and wake-up times and begins to prepare the bed in advance. This sort of machine learning means that the longer the bed is used, the more effective it becomes. Even if someone’s sleep patterns change over time, the bed can make instant adjustments to compensate.Intensive research went into the development of the bed to make it as effective as possible. The bed also connects with other smart home tech to control the entire sleep experience. The system will slowly raise the lights and increase the temperature to help users wake up, or dims the lights and warms the sheets to prepare for sleep. The behavior of the bed depends on the user’s individual preferences, but any data it collects remains completely anonymous. Only subsets of data are gathered and aggregated by Bryte to help make future improvements to the bed.

The Bryte starts at $5,950 and comes with delivery and installation, as well as a 365-night trial period. The main storefront can be found in Seattle, but pop-up stores will appear in San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles in the months to come.

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