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    Spärkel Carbonator – Carbonate Any Liquids & Infuse Real Ingredients into Drinks

    Spärkel Carbonator – Carbonate Any Liquids & Infuse Real Ingredients into Drinks

    If you’re the type of person who loves carbonated drinks, the Spärkel Carbonator will allow you to always have a bubbly drink ready to go.

    The Spärkel Carbonator is “The Sparkle-Everything Beverage Maker”. With it you can sparkle any liquids and infuse real ingredients into your drinks, with no need of a CO2 tank and no artificial syrups included.

    Let’s take a detailed look at the Spärkel Carbonator Appliance.


    The Spärkel Carbonator Appliance (the main device, not the bottle) measures 10-12 inches long (without/with the handle) by 5.75 inches wide by 14.75 inches tall, and weighs 7 lbs. It’s made of food grade plastic (high density polyethylene) and its included reusable BPA-Free Spärkel Bottle is dishwater safe. The bottle features a 25.4 fl oz. capacity.

    On the front/top part of the device users can find the main button to activate the carbonation process (center button), as well as 5 other buttons displayed around the lower part of the main button (these represent the 5 different carbonation levels – more about these on the Features sections).

    Spärkel Carbonator

    The Spärkel Carbonator Appliance is compatible with both 110V and 120V standard North American outlets.

    Each carbonator package (there are 10 included with the device) measures 6 inches long by 0.75 wide by 0.5 inches tall and weighs 0.88 oz.


    As said before, this system has no need of a CO2 tank and comes with no artificial syrups included.

    With the Spärkel Carbonator you can get perfect home-made bubbly drinks at the press of a button. You can completely customize your beverages, meaning you can use your flavors, and prepare your drinks with your style.

    Here’s how the Spärkel Carbonator works:

    Spärkel Carbonation Process (1)

    First you fill its water reservoir. After that you pour in one carbonator package (as said before, 10 come included). Then, you fill up the Spärkel Bottle with ingredients and liquids of your choice. In a sealed chamber, water mixes with the Spärkel Carbonator, producing CO2. Spärkel’s special formulation of high-quality citric acid and sodium bicarbonate generates CO2 gas naturally when mixed with water.

    Spärkel Carbonation Process (2)

    Spärkel Carbonation Process (3)

    After that all that’s left to do is to press down the handle and choose a carbonation level (there are 5 different carbonation levels – more about them in the Features section). The Spärkel Carbonator will then pressurize the bottle, squeezing the ingredient’s flavor into the drink.

    Spärkel Carbonation Process (4)

    Spärkel Carbonation Process (5)

    Keep in mind that cold liquids will hold carbonation much better than warm water.


    Within the Spärkel Carbonator package users will find: one Spärkel Appliance, an included reusable BPA-Free Spärkel Bottle (where your drinks are prepared), and x10 Spärkel Carbonators (each carbonator sparkles one bottle).

    Spärkel Package


    5 Different Carbonation Levels

    There are 5 buttons located around the main button, each one offering a stronger/higher level of carbonation for your drink. They go from level 1 to 5 (from left to right), and are described as follows: Lightly Bubbly (level 1), Bubbly (level 2), Boldy Bubbly (level 3), An Extra Kick for Infusions (level 4), and Serious Bubbles Serious Recipes (level 5).

    Spärkel Carbonation Levels

    Pressure and Flavor

    The Spärkel Carbonator pressurizes the bottle. The CO2 cycles through the machine and into the bottle to build up pressure up to 80 PSI. The Spärkel Bottle is specially engineered to withstand a great amount of pressure.

    But the best part is that all that pressure is guaranteed to squeeze the ingredients’ flavor into your drink. As soon as you open the bottle, the pressurized CO2 will create the bubbles that you so-patiently wait for.


    The Spärkel Carbonator is guaranteed to bring you bubbly drinks everytime, proving capable of carbonating any liquids and infuse real ingredients into your drinks

    Spärkel Carbonator

    if you’re interested in getting it, each unit will go for around $100. The Spärkel Carbonator will be officially available November 19th. Clicking this link will take you to Spärkel’s official shopping page.

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