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Petaneer FlexzWheels – Adjustable Folding Wheelchair for Handicapped Pets

Dog wheelchairs are designed to help dogs who suffer from paralysis or any other mobility issues to move around more easily. The Petaneer FlexzWheels is an adjustable folding wheelchair for handicapped pets, as well as one of the most recently released dog healthcare products.

You might want to consider buying a dog wheelchair if your dog is finding it harder to get around. Be aware that some dog breeds, like Dachshunds, are prone to invertebral disc disease. Other dog breeds, like Corgis and Irish Setters, can suffer from something called degenerative myelopathy. Both these conditions can ultimately result in paralysis. So that’s something very important to keep in mind.

Still, the Petaneer FlexzWheels might be one of the best dog wheelchairs that’s currently available on the market. That’s because this dog wheelchair is lightweight, collapsible and easy to assemble. It also comes equipped with a comfortable hind limb suspension/support, features a 3-axis adjustable straps system to better fit around your dog’s body and is also designed with mobility in mind, thanks to its shock absorbent/resistant high-quality wheels.

All of this makes it one of the best dog wheelchairs that are currently available on the market.

Let’s take a more detailed look at the Petaneer FlexzWheels dog wheelchair and check its design as well as everything it has to offer.


The Petaneer FlexzWheels is a lightweight, adjustable folding wheelchair for dogs that’s extremely easy to assemble. Since this is a folding/collapsible dog wheelchair, that also means that it is extremely easy to store it and/or transport it.


The wheelchair’s 3-axis adjustable straps system integrates a medical grade stainless steel shoulder support that allows for your dog’s shoulders to support only 19% of the wheelchair’s weight.

Its 3-axis adjustable straps system also integrates a front harness support equipped with a leash ring that allows for any pet leashes to be easily connected to the wheelchair’s upper-body harness.

The wheelchair’s 3-axis adjustable straps system is designed to provide the perfect body adjustment for your dog’s body. Thanks to its adjustable straps dog owners can easily adjust width, length, and height with ease. This 3-axis adjustable straps system also features a click-lock button for added security and support.


As stated before, this dog wheelchair also comes equipped with a comfortable hind limb suspension/support, which integrates a high-quality memory foam material for the best comfort for your dog, providing a super comfortable support for Fido’s rear-body.

Lastly, the Petaneer FlexzWheels is also designed with mobility in mind, coming equipped with built-in high-quality wheels that are made of a super-shock absorbent/resistant material.


The Petaneer FlexzWheels is designed for pets with any of the following conditions: Movement Disability (Disabled Pets), Lack of Muscle and/or Joints Strength (Eldery Pets), Injuries, as well as Rehabilitation.

This dog wheelchair can provide many health benefits for your dog, including increased exercise, a major improvement with physical and mental balance, increase in cardiovascular function, increase in Fido’s digestive system mobility, as well as relief bedsore and irritations.


The Petaneer FlexzWheels is a lightweight, collapsible dog wheelchair that comes equipped w/ a comfortable hind limb support, a 3-axis adjustable straps system and shock absorbent/resistant high-quality wheels.

This may very well be one of the best dog wheelchairs that’s currently available on the market. The company (Petaneer) recently showcased its high-quality dog wheelchair at CES 2020.

Petaneer FlexzWheels
Petaneer FlexzWheels

If you’re interested in buying it, you should know that Petaneer specifically designs each wheelchair to fit your pet’s body in the best way possible, meaning you’ll need to provide your dog’s body size/measurements and place a customized order request, for which you’ll also need to request a price estimation/quotation.

Here’s Petaneer’s official Size Chart to help you place your customized dog wheelchair order request.

Petaneer's official Size Chart
Petaneer’s official Size Chart

If you’d like to place your customized dog wheelchair order request, you can do so at the company’s official Google Form page, which you can access via this link.

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