Larktale chit chat plus Stroller – High-End Recyclable Baby Stroller

Nowadays, for parents of newborn babies, having a reliable, durable and versatile baby stroller that’s highly functional is a must, mainly because that’s exactly what allows parents to easily carry their newborns around with ease throughout their daily commutes. With that said, for any eco-conscious parents of newborn babies out there, the Larktale chit chat plus Stroller is a great baby stroller option for you to go with.

The Larktale chit chat plus Stroller is a high-end lightweight recyclable baby stroller that features very intuitive functionalities while also helping you to reduce your eco-footprint.

Basically, this high-end baby stroller is a more-improved version of the company’s original award-winning baby stroller (meaning its original Larktale chit chat Stroller).

Mainly, this newer version adds a full recline that’s perfectly suitable for a newborn, as well as a larger sun canopy, and even a few extra accessories and extra on-the-go conveniences.

So, if you’re a parent (or parents) of one (or more) beautiful newborn babies and you’re looking for a reliable baby stroller option for you to go with, join us on our detailed review to the Larktale chit chat plus Stroller, where we check literally everything that this top-of-the-line baby stroller has to offer you.


Starting with the baby stroller’s exact size, the Larktale chit chat plus Stroller comes at a reasonably compact size, measuring just 19.5 inches long by 25.6 inches wide by 39.3 inches when fully assembled when completely opened. Additionally, and as mentioned earlier, this improved version of the company’s original chit chat Stroller is extremely lightweight, as their newly released chit chat plus Stroller only weighs a measly 17.8 lbs.

Larktale chit chat plus Stroller
Larktale chit chat plus Stroller

Overall, this high-end baby stroller can be used right from your newborn baby’s birth all the way to the time they weigh 55 lbs.

Not only that, but since the whole baby stroller’s body can be completely folded with ease, you can get the chit chat plus Stroller to an even smaller size, which will have it measuring just a measly 8.1 inches long by 19.5 inches wide by 25.0 inches tall. Thanks to the stroller’s folding functionality, storage will never be a problem.

The way the stroller’s folding function works is by simply using its built-in Dual Quick-Release Triggers, which after pressed, allow parents to quickly and easily fold the stroller all the way down to an ultra-compact and even more portable unit.

Best of all, for times that you’d require to carry the stroller after folding it, you’d probably be super happy to know that this baby stroller also comes with a Removable Shoulder Strap that can be quickly attached to the Stroller to make carrying it around a much easier task.

Now, let’s move on to the stroller’s other components and functionalities. Starting right at the top of the baby stroller, we have a large UPF50+ rated Sun Canopy that’s also equipped with a built-in pop-out visor.

Not only that, but the stroller’s Sun Canopy also integrates a set of built-in zippers that can be used to furhter extend the canopy for situations where you feel like your baby would require some extra coverage from the sun. As we all know, babies have very sensitive skin, and so, long periods of exposure to the sun can easily damage their ultra-sensitive skin.

Furthermore, we all know how lonely babies can feel sometimes, as they usually require a lot of attention from their parents, which, to be honest, is perfectly normal. Since your precious little one is new to this world, he/she sometimes will require to see a friendly face, meaning yours or your spouse’s faces.

As such, the Larktale chit chat plus Stroller’s Sun Canopy also integrates a Peek-a-Boo Window that allows you to conveniently check on and keep an on your newborn baby at all times. This window comes directly stitched into the stroller’s sun canopy and can be easy flipped opened at any times you require to do so.

Moving slightly further down and going directly to the back of the stroller, we have one of its main functionalities, which would be none other than its Multi-Position Reclining Seat, which, thanks to this integration, the stroller’s baby seat can go right from a fully-flat position all the way up to a reclined seat, thus making this the perfect baby stroller for newborn babies that still need to be laying down flat.

As parents of newborn babies would most likely know, newborn babies require to lie flat, rather than being propped up on an inclined seat or “tucked” into a bucket-shaped seat. That’s mainly because that lie-flat position is exactly what allows newborn babies to breathe optimally in order for them to get all the oxygen they need. Furthermore, that same lie-flat position is also the best lying-down position for encouraging a newborn baby’s spine and hips to develop properly.

Now, going right back to the front-side of the stroller, we also have the stroller’s super-cozy baby seat, which features a Newborn Head Hugger, as well as a 5-Point Safety harness that can be used to keep your baby safely seated and perfectly secured inside the stroller.

Additionally, the Larktale chit chat plus Stroller also comes with an included Removable Bumper Bar that parents can conveniently open on either side to ultimately have an easy and direct access to the stroller’s baby seat and to their newborn baby.

Other than that, for times that you feel like you won’t require to use the stroller’s Sun Canopy, the stroller also comes with an included Vented Seat Top that’s equipped with a Fold-Away Weather Cover, which not only allows you to directly see and keep an eye on your baby, but also encourages airflow within the stroller’s reclined seat.

Even more, the stroller also includes a cocoon-shaped Newborn Foot Barrier, which can keep your baby secure and nicely tucked into the stroller’s reclined seat.

Ultimately, this foot barrier should give parents some extra peace of mind as they’ll know their baby is perfectly safe within the stroller and has absolutely no chance of slipping out from any of those “more-energetic” movements that babies commonly do after waking up from a peaceful nap.

Going once again to the back side of the stroller, the Larktale chit chat plus Stroller also comes equipped with a Rear Mesh Seat Back-Pocket that basically provides parents with a nice storage solution.

Thanks to the stroller’s mesh back-pocket, parents can carry less things in their pockets and completely eliminate the need of a bag while their moving with their baby on the stroller, which also gives them a quick way to access any of their baby’s essentials or any other of their personal everyday-carry items (car keys, house keys, Smartphone and/or tablet, etc.).

Going even further down, below the stroller’s seat, we also have a Waterproof Under-Seat Basket that’s reasonably easy to access, which, just like the stroller’s mesh back-pocket, can also be used to store and carry any of your baby’s essential items.

Moving a bit further down, we’ll reach the bottom of the stroller’s body, which is exactly where we’ll find its ultra-durable wheels, which integrate a Front Wheel Suspension System that ultimately ensures your baby gets a smooth ride, even when parents are required to move with the stroller over uneven side-walks and other similarly uneven surfaces.

Sitting on the opposite side of the stroller’s front wheel, one of its back wheels also comes equipped with a Flip-Flop-Friendly Foot Brake, which, as the name suggests, can be used even with less-versatile footwear.

Lastly, this baby stroller also comes with a few very cool accessories that can be used by parents as extra on-the-go conveniences.

With that said, each stroller comes with an included Snack Tray that can be easily attached to its a Bumper Bar, thus allowing your baby to snack on some delicious baby food, as well as Cup Holder that can be installed at the back-left-side of the stroller’s Sun Canopy, which parents can conveniently use to quench their baby’s thirst whenever it’s necessary.


The Larktale chit chat plus Stroller is a high-end lightweight recyclable baby stroller that features very intuitive functionalities while also helping you to reduce your eco-footprint.

Overall, this high-end recyclable baby stroller is perfectly suitable for any newborn babies, and also comes equipped with literally everything that parents of newborns would need to properly take care of their babies while enjoying a nice stroll outside.

Larktale chit chat plus Stroller
Larktale chit chat plus Stroller

Best of all, for parents that prefer most colorful options, you’d be very happy to know that you can get your chit chat plus Stroller in one of 6 different color models: Mornington Gray, Freshwater Blue (plain Light Blue), Barossa Red (plain Red), Nightcliff Stone Print, Longreef Navy Print, or Cottesloe Cream (plain Beige).

If you’re interested in buying it, each stroller comes at a very affordable price of just $249.99 (no matter what color model you decide to go with), and if you’d prefer to pay in monthly fees, the company also allows customers to purchase their stroller with affirm, which would simply require you to go for small monthly fees of just $86 per month.

You can order your Larktale chit chat plus Stroller online right now, directly from Larktale’s official shopping page, which you can access via this link.