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    5 Interesting Facts About Slot Machines in Online Casinos

    Of all the games that exist in online gambling at internet casinos, online slot games take the lion’s share as far as popularity goes. And why not when they are fun and easy to play with no real strategy? They come in many themes and will captivate both seasoned and newbie gamblers.

    An interesting history of slot machines: Bavarian-born inventor August Charles Fey invented the first machine for this gambling game in 1894 in San Francisco. He then kept working on this monster until it was small enough to fit in a room profitably. An earthquake that happened in the state in 1906 wiped out all but four of the Liberty Bell machines Fey built, but that did not stop the revolution.

    Competitors copied his work and modeled even better slot machines that eventually led to what we have today. You’ll find a poker machine and blackjack for those who would rather game online for real money. Did you know the interesting history of machines?

    It’s Purely a Game of Chance

    Wherever you choose slots from, there is no strategy you can use to get cash. No games cannot guarantee you money since the best is selected randomly using the computerized Random Number Generator inside the gaming system. But they can guarantee you safety and reliability. The most you can do is place a bet and hope that after spinning, you land winning symbols and combinations.

    This is partly why this game is a favorite of many. Since you do not need any real skills in gambling, you can get by with nothing but luck.

    Even more fun is that you can play and win at a progressive jackpot with the same level of skill as any other slot. The only real skill you need is that of managing your bankroll.

    Japan Has the Largest Share

    There are approximately 4,592,036 fruit machines in Japan. That is about 28 per person. It tells you just how much the Japanese love their gambling. The country has not officially legalized gambling that brings a profit to the player, but offshore casinos offering mobile slots, as well as other games, are not really prohibited from operations. Local gambling houses are still illegal.

    The government also has no issue with the physical machines you will find in various malls and other locations, but there are rules of engagement, such as the form of payment made. Other nations that complete the top five list are the US, Italy, Germany, and Spain, in that order.

    They Don’t Run Hot

    It is common to hear someone say the machine is running hot or cold, depending on the streak they are having. In the actual sense, this can never really happen – physical heat. They are designed to handle all the actions without being affected.

    Also, when someone refers to the machine as hot when they don’t lose, it may bring about the issue of rigging, which is also not the case. Since winners are determined by an RNG, there is no way to rig the system.

    The machine retains no memory of previous victories and losses, and so each event is independent. This applies even to an online casino App since even with the machines, spins, and winner selections are randomly done without the interference of humans.

    That said, it is possible to have a string of losses or victories on the same machine, which is how some people may refer to this as a cycle. As we mentioned above, this is a game of chance, and so luck could either be with you or not. It cannot be manipulated, whether you play at online slot machines or at land-based gambling houses.

    They are the Most Popular with Gamers

    There are millions of these machines globally, so it makes sense that this is the most popular game that players will check out first when they start playing. And in All Slots Casino NZ, an overview of which you can view, you can find many different and interesting slots.

    They are also referred to in many names, including ‘pokies’ by Australians and New Zealanders. You can catch a game for free at most casinos if you have no cash to spend on a game, but it goes without saying that this way, you would not get any money.

    In some countries, you can ban yourself from playing if you feel like you are getting addicted to pokies. This is quite unique since it gives players some level of control where they may have none.

    Now, not all countries allow players to access this game. Japan, the UAE, and Qatar keep a strict eye on the online activities of sites even rumored to be providing online gambling services.

    Reports Some of the Biggest Wins

    A megabucks slot machine man won a record $15,491,103.27 in Nevada. Naturally, he didn’t want his identity all out there, and so he simply asked to be identified as Kelvin.

    That is not the only win the game has reported. There have been some really big jackpots over the years, including $39.7 million at the MGM Resorts, $13.1 million at the Sunset Station Casino, Henderson, and a 2000 loot of $34.9 million at the then-operational Desert Inn.

    Most winners express shock because they just played to make a little money or pass hours before getting lucky and changing their lives forever.

    Of course, there have been incidents where the same mega winners went ahead to blow their entire winnings in only a short period. Well, the bottom line is: anyone can get really lucky at the slot machine games.

    Last One: Pro Slot Gamers Do Exist

    Game of chance it may be, but there are professionals who specialize in this area for life. As you can imagine, there are not that many of them, considering this game requires no real skill and you could lose at any time no matter how much experience you have. All the same, good to know that there are those who do it for a living.

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