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    Can You Use Crypto For Microtransactions?

    Cryptocurrency is a type of currency that is digital and decentralized. With it, you can sell and purchase things. They also can be stored and grow in value. But what you can actually do with the closest local store is not going to start accepting crypto. There are limited ways on how you can spend it because not everyone accepts crypto as a means of payment. Well, we promise you that you can do more than buy a couple of pizzas.

    Cryptocurrency is becoming more important and has advantages over more conventional means of payment. It better protects personal information and has much faster processing times of transactions. We truly believe that the role of crypto will become more and more important in the near future.

    Types of Crypto / Cryptocurrency
    Different types of Crypto / Cryptocurrency

    Microtransactions and Crypto Bookmakers

    Microtransactions refer to transfers of a small amount of money. If we would use more conventional resources to digitally transfer such amounts the entire value of the transaction would be lost in fees. So there is a demand for a small amount of money to be transferred at a lower cost. And that is where crypto comes to our help.

    One of the best ways to use some crypto and increase its value is to find a good online bookmaker. The sports betting industry has been evolving around the user experience and taking advantage of modern times. They are an industry that first started accepting almost all types of cryptocurrency from their players. This is a place where microtransactions matter. You can bet small or big. Using crypto when placing a bet is easy, simple, and safe. Some of the main advantages are:

    • Your privacy is protected because they don’t require your personal information.
    • Processing times are fast including deposit and withdrawal.
    • Now you can bet on your favorite sport because more and more online bookmakers are accepting crypto.

    There are thousands of bookmakers out there who will gladly accept crypto bets. But the question is how to choose the right one. You would want to make sure they are legitimate. Checking the ranking and reviews of each online bookmaker will take too long for you to do. Especially if you take into consideration that reviews from players will be posted all over the Internet. No need to spend hours searching. Check the crypto bookmakers and enjoy making your decision.

    Microtransactions and Gaming

    As online microtransactions have gradually become an integral part of the gaming industry, there is a new payment avenue for online purchases, Virtual currency, or cryptocurrency. This is where they are going to be very useful. Since all gaming companies are asking the players for small payments to complete the games. To lower fees and better secure the player’s identities some of them have started offering such payments using crypto. It is so much safer doing payments with crypto than the more conventional methods with Credit and Debit cars.

    Crypto For Microtransactions in Gaming
    Crypto For Microtransactions in Gaming

    Back in 2017 two gaming platforms  already opened up to using crypto to facilitate their in-game transactions. They were mostly using Bitcoin. One of them disabled the support within months because of technical difficulties. But the other platform is still accepting crypto. And now there are more and more platforms which have started accepting them to increase the player’s experience.

    Cryptocurrency as an Investment

    For many people buying crypto is an investment. They will buy it in the hope that with time it will increase in value. Allowing them to cash out with a profit at a later date. Crypto will as any other currency rise and fall in its value. But because it’s completely digital it does that more strongly than your conventional currencies. Which makes it a little unpredictable.

    Doing an investment on Crypto
    Doing an investment on Crypto

    As with all investments that you would do, research is everything. When choosing crypto to invest in, you need to know your market. Examine the trends for that particular crypto and make sure that you only invest money that you can afford to lose. Since there is no certainty in the market for any investment. No matter how good they seem.


    From online betting sites to gaming microtransactions. It never stops to amaze us this new role the crypto is slowly but surely taking over. As hundreds of new companies and ideas are being developed each day, we are sure that Crypto will play an important role in the near future.

    Maybe now would be a perfect time for you to consider being a part of that success story. But like with all investments in life. Be sure to start small and hope to win big.

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