How Can I Enter Into Wi-Fi Router Set Up Page on Android Phone?

Since the early days of the Internet, entering into your Wi-Fi router is highly recommended. Not only that, but accessing a router to configure it is extremely suggested and while, as it is worthwhile to remove the complete factory settings in order to minimizing the possibilities of hackers to access a connection. Commonly, this process is very much comfy on a system, but also a mobile is greatly appropriate for this job. Even you can change every parameter of a Router Set Up Page from the browser of your android device along with apps. In this case, you have to remember an IP address

Easy ways to enter your router setup page from android phone

The following steps will surely assist you know how to enter your router setup page from your android phone:

  • Initially, you have to verify whether a mobile device is connected to similar Wi-Fi network
  • The next thing is to obtain an IP address
  • Now, you click on settings app and then click over a network and internet tab and move ahead with how to entrée router settings from phone process
  • On a Wi-Fi screen, you click on a SSID of your network. Then, the network info screen opens
  • Now, you have to note an IP address of the router next to gateway
  • In a command window, you can just type ipconfig and then click on enter key
  • Next, you have to enter an IP address of your router in an address bar of the fresh browser table on your android device
  • At last, the login page of your router opens and by using this, how to access the router settings from a phone guide. Then, you need to give a specific username and password to log into the configuration page of a router.

Get access to Wi-Fi setup page on an android device

Entering a Wi-Fi router setup page on your android device needs a couple of steps. Initially, you should activate your Wi-Fi by switching on a wireless radio of your phone. The second step is connecting to the certain wireless network.

Activating Wi-Fi

Below are simple steps to be followed to activate the Wi-Fi on your android phone:

    1. At a home screen, you click on apps icon
    2. Now, you can open a settings app
    3. You can also make sure that the Wi-Fi master control icon is ON. If not, you just slide a master control from OFF to ON to activate the Wi-Fi radio of your phone.

If you have previously configured your phone to link to an existence wireless network, it is linked automatically. Otherwise, you have to link to an available network that is wrapped in an upcoming section.

To switch off Wi-Fi, you can repeat the same steps in that section. But in previous steps, you can slide a master control icon from ON to OFF. Switching off Wi-Fi disconnects your android device from any wireless networks.

  • Now, you can pursue the Wi-Fi settings of your phone quickly by selecting a Wi-Fi quick action.
  • Also, some mobiles might come with a power control widget that is attached to the home screen. One of the buttons on such widget is utilized to turn WI-FI ON or OFF.
  • Using a Wi-Fi to link to the internet that does not incur the charges for data usage.
  • Now, the Wi-Fi radio puts an additional drain on a battery and however, it is frankly negligible. If you wish to save a small amount of it, particularly if you are out and do not plan to be near the Wi-Fi access point for any period of time, you can simply turn off the Wi-Fi radio.

Connecting to a Wi-Fi network

  • After activating a Wi-Fi radio on your android device, you have to link to the available wireless network. Then, follow the steps given below:
  • Initially, you have to open the settings app. It is usually discovered in an app drawer, but you will also discover a shortcut in quick actions drawer.
  • Select the Wi-Fi or wireless and networks. Here, you do not touch a master control icon that turns a Wi-Fi radio ON or OFF, then touch a Wi-Fi text on a left side of the settings app screen.
  • Now, you can view a list of Wi-Fi networks available. In that, you have to connect the available network.
  • Then, select a wireless network from the available list. When none of the wireless networks are displayed, you are just sort out of fortune related to Wi-Fi access from your existing location.
  • If prompted, you just enter a network password. Just place a check mark in the box by a show password option, which makes it simpler to enter a complex, strong and lengthy network password.
  • Finally, tap a connect button. Then, you must be connected to a network immediately. If not, attempt a password once again.