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Best HR Practices for your Organization

The contribution of the human resource department towards the growth of the company and the employees cannot be overstated. They are the ones to manage as well as develop the employees of that company. Certain universal strategic HR principles need to be implemented irrespective of the operation and industry of the organization.

The critical point here is that the HR goals should align with the company’s goals so that the HR department and all other strategic departments are on the same page.

On the ground of this fact, HR practices for the company can be designed and then implemented.

This article has a compiled list of some reliable HR practices; you can implement them and see how this helps increase overall growth, better engagement, and employee retention.

Open Book Management Technique

HR is the intermediary between the company’s higher management and ground-level employees. They should keep the employees in the loop about new contracts, new clients, sales, and company policies.

This can be done in monthly or quarterly town halls, Team meetings, company portals and so that the employees are all aware of the company’s news. This vital initiative will ensure that the employees are more enthusiastic about the work they do.

Unbiased Evaluation System

There should be a proper performance evaluation system developed by HR to link the individual employee performance with the corporate business goals. Performance evaluation should be based on the accomplishments of the employees, which should be tracked over a year.

The review should be done of one level above on a review basis where the next higher level evaluates all employees.

This practice helps employees understand the expectations that management has for them to meet and even exceed the expectation of high performance.

Choosing the right eLearning Software

As discussed in the introduction, HR is the foundation of any company. They need to be well trained, skilled, and up-to-date to execute all the HR practices designed for them. A learning platform plays a vital role in the execution of any training plan.

One critical key point is that the LMS should be radical and user-friendly enough so that the HR can enable proper and easy access to learning. Thought Industries is one of those platforms which consists of all the qualities mentioned above.

This will help the HR department to learn more about better industry practices and their execution.

Feedback Mechanism

Great organizations identify, nurture and welcome great ideas. The employees should always be motivated to keep wearing the thinking cap and keep giving new ideas.

The two-way feedback should be promoted across the company. Employees should also be asked about the input of the line managers.

The suggestion boxes can also be a tiny ice-breaking initiative by the management. The employees’ concerns and suggestions shouldn’t be just taken but also be addressed and resolved.

Rewards & Recognitions

Employees work day and night for the company and give their percent contribution towards its goals. This R&R ritual should never be stopped or changed.

The well-deserved employees should get appreciation in the form of a reward from the management.

This small initiative by the administration can promote a lot of motivation amongst the employees to work harder.


So, the last word is that we all know that the HR team is the base of any organization. They have to lead all other employees and try to be the problem-solvers for them.

There have to be proper HR practices to achieve this, which can be the bible for the HR department.

I hope these tips can help draft the HR practices for the HR team for your company.

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