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    How Do Cashbacks and Loyalty Programs Work at Online Casinos

    The modern-day online casino has a lot going on. From games to rewarding tournaments and promotions, they have plenty to offer. In fact, they all offer almost the same type of product or service. What distinguishes the best brands from regular ones is the extra mile a brand is willing to go to ensure players have a good time.

    And one of the areas these best brands focus on is their bonuses and promotions. For example, the Ice Casino bonus code will ensure you redeem several bonuses. Free spins will ensure you get to play selected games and win real money – free of any charge.

    Once inside, top brands will come up with perked cashback and loyalty programs to keep players playing with them.

    This article focuses on cashbacks and loyalty programs at online casinos. I want to show you why you should look beyond the welcome bonus offers. Whether you are being awarded thousands in sign-up bonuses or tens of free spins to play games for free, your ultimate goal should be to sign up at a casino with a decent cashback and loyalty program in place.

    What Are Cashback and Loyalty Programs?

    A cashback promotion awards you money back. The money is awarded when you either spend or as a form of reimbursement for the lost cash. Once you achieve the target, the casino will deposit money into your account per the terms and conditions.

    On the other hand, loyalty programs are long-term bonus systems that reward players with different prizes/perks for their continued support/loyalty. These awards are dished out periodically instead of one-time deals such as seasonal promotions and welcome bonuses.

    Why Do Online Casinos Run Cashback and Loyalty Programs?

    For the obvious reason – to retain as many players as possible. Online casinos know that we love freebies. What better way to dish out these freebies apart from cashbacks and loyalty programs?

    The best casinos online tend to have well-perked loyalty programs and cashbacks. They also make it easy for you to redeem these goodies.

    How Do Cashback and Loyalty Programs Work?

    Cashback and loyalty programs work differently. Despite having the main objective of rewarding players who spend money, they offer different perks.

    loyalty programs for online casino

    Loyalty Program

    As the name suggests, a loyalty program is some sort of “program” you are enrolled in. Some online casinos automatically enroll you in their loyalty program once you’ve successfully created an account. Others will only invite those they see fit.

    Once enrolled in the program, you must complete milestones to unlock different benefits. These milestones are accomplished by spending money playing casino games or playing mini-games at the casino. In the process, you earn points – which can come in all sorts of names – for every penny spent.

    Once you accumulate enough points, you move from one tier or level to another. This goes on until you reach the highest possible tier. As you progress up the ladder, your benefits improve.

    What Are some of the perks you can receive in a loyalty program? This varies from one online casino to another. Those that have a considerable following online tend to have plenty to offer. Here are some of the perks commonly offered online.

    • Reload bonuses.
    • Faster response from customer support agents.
    • Bonuses and gifts on your birthday.
    • Enrollment in competitions where you can win gifts such as exotic cars.
    • Having a manager dedicated to your account.
    • VIP trips to watch events across the world. It could be the FIFA final, Grand Prix, or your favourite celebrity performing live, among many others.

    Cashback Programs

    Cashback has a different way of operating. The ultimate reward is a money back to your account. There are no gifts, prizes, or other tokens. Cold hard cash is deposited directly into your account, and you can use it as you see fit.

    How does the cashback program work?

    Simple. You need to spend a certain amount of money within a stipulated time frame. Once you achieve the set goal, the agreed-upon cash is deposited into your account. Sometimes, the online casino will reimburse your cash for lost bets.

    Here’s an excellent example of a cashback promotion.

    Spend $10,000 or more within the promotion period, and the casino will reimburse you 10% of the money up to $1,000. For this case, it means even if you spend $100,000, the maximum bonus is set at $1,000.

    Cashbacks and Loyalty Programs Are the Smart Way to Play

    Now that you know everything about cashbacks and loyalty programs, which of the two are you going to join? You know the answer best. What’s important is you’ll get rewarded either way. Join a reputable and popular online casino if you want plenty of benefits.

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