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    LASO Health Launches Innovative Healthcare Platform LASO Plus at SXSW

    LASO Health Launches Innovative Healthcare Platform LASO Plus at SXSW

    Healthcare is a basic human right that everyone should have access to. However, unlike other everyday non-healthcare products and services, most healthcare-related services nowadays can be fairly hard to get access to, especially for people who do not have health insurance. Between the frustration of looking for a doctor that can diagnose any concerning symptom(s) that you might have, from calling multiple healthcare centers or clinics in order to find one that actually suits your health needs and also your financial possibilities, along with the countless days or even weeks of waiting for your scheduled appointment (for which only after having your medical consultation you’ll actually discover the final cost), healthcare isn’t really as accessible as many other types of services are in today’s modern world. Regardless of the many barriers that people tend to encounter when trying to get access to different healthcare services, healthcare should simply be conveniently accessible to everyone, as well as affordable, no matter a person’s financial status, nor if they have health insurance or not. Enter LASO Health, who’s looking to revolutionize the way that people across the US have access to healthcare with its newly launched membership-based nationwide virtual healthcare program called LASO Plus, which, via Walmart Health Virtual Care, greatly expands the possibilities of healthcare access offered by the LASO Health App, the company’s virtual healthcare platform, which is specifically designed to connect patients directly with healthcare providers and healthcare services nationwide, ultimately removing the barriers that prevent people from receiving the care they need.

    LASO Plus provides healthcare consumers with on-demand telehealth access nationwide for primary care, urgent care, and behavioral health services combined with LASO’s discounted prescriptions via LASO RX (which is the company’s medication prescription service). LASO Plus offers unlimited $0 telemedicine visits with no co-pays, making healthcare accessible to everyone.

    WHO IS LASO Health?

    LASO Health is a 4-year-old healthcare startup company based in San Antonio, Texas whose mission is to help remove the many everyday barriers between patients and healthcare providers across the nation by expanding and empowering healthcare for everyone through price transparency, on-demand access, and everyday convenience.

    LASO Health logo
    LASO Health’s official logo

    This idea came to Dr. Hamed Mizani, the founder of LASO Health, who’s an experienced nephrologist that has been working in San Antonio for two decades for a healthcare group called South Texas Renal Care Grou, for which Dr. Mizani is also the founder and CEO.

    Dr. Hamed Mizani
    Dr. Hamed Mizani, founder of LASO Health

    After seeing firsthand how patients suffer from the painful barriers and costly complications of deferred healthcare within the current US healthcare system (which can ultimately lead to serious health issues and thousands in medical bills), and then comparing how complex that whole process of getting access to healthcare is to how incredibly easy it is in today’s tech-driven world to get access to other services such as booking traveling services online or services from many other industries, Dr. Mizani became determined to improve and facilitate access to healthcare for all patients within the US, and thus, LASO Health was born, along with the LASO Health App.

    As Dr. Mizani proudly stated in a recent interview conducted by GadgetGram’s Editor-In-Chief, David Novak: “We believe that healthcare should be centered around the patient, and our platform is designed to empower patients to take control of their health. By providing patients with easy access to healthcare services and personalized health recommendations, we hope to improve patient outcomes and create a more efficient healthcare system.”

    This is essentially done via their revolutionary LASO Health App, which helps to directly connect those patients with healthcare providers (including medical, dental, and wellness providers) working nationwide such physicians, specialists, and also with many healthcare services (such as MRI’s and other imaging healthcare solutions) nationwide, for which all of that is offered with convenient booking / scheduling, and most importantly, with total price transparency.

    Furthermore, thanks to this revolutionary telehealth approach that puts providing healthcare / medical providers with direct access to new patients, that consequently also helps to reduce billing overhead costs for doctors, which includes both issuing as well as processing invoices.

    More recently, LASO Health attended the SXSW (South by Southwest) festival, where the company officially launched a new membership-based nationwide virtual healthcare program called LASO Plus thanks to a new collaboration with Walmart Health Virtual Care, which, as mentioned earlier, greatly expands LASO’s already offered healthcare services, which include LASO Local, LASO RX.

    LASO Local (the company’s first released product) basically consists of the company’s free part of the LASO Health App, which connects healthcare consumers directly to physicians, specialists, and healthcare services within San Antonio, Texas (currently only available in this area).

    LASO Local
    LASO Local free-service via the LASO Health App

    LASO RX consists of the company’s medication prescription service, from which users can potentially save up to 80% on 10,000+ prescription medications at major pharmacy chains nationwide.

    LASO RX medication prescription service via the LASO Health App


    Essentially, LASO Plus is a newly launched membership-based nationwide virtual healthcare program that gives LASO App users unlimited on-demand virtual access at a nationwide scale (i.e in all 50 states) to several different healthcare services, including primary care, urgent care, and also behavioral / mental health services, all of which are combined with LASO’s discounted prescriptions (via the LASO RX medication prescription service), ultimately offering users unlimited $0 telemedicine visits with no co-pays, no surprise bills, and no limits for a low monthly membership fee.

    LASO Plus
    LASO Plus (membership-based nationwide virtual healthcare program)


    To put it simply, LASO HEALTH’s newly launched LASO Plus membership-based virtual healthcare program utilizes Walmart Health Virtual Care nationwide network of providers to offer all LASO Health App users a cost-effective and efficient healthcare solution, and that goes both for individuals as well as for businesses.

    LASO Plus
    LASO Plus

    LASO Plus is available on a 24/7/365 basis, allowing patients to receive excellent medical care anytime and from anywhere, thus reducing the need for time-consuming and expensive doctor trips.

    LASO Plus
    LASO Plus’ membership user features

    The LASO Health App is available for free for iOS and Android devices, as well as for Desktop.

    LASO Plus is also available for Desktop

    Plan membership costs for LASO Plus start at $16.99 for individuals and $27.99 for families. Users can also cancel their subscription at any time.

    LASO Plus
    LASO Plus with low membership monthly fees

    At less than $1 per day, healthcare providers nationwide are available as often as needed, because there are no restrictions to the number of appointments a patient can set. Since the LASO Plus virtual healthcare program isn’t health insurance (neither it is designed to replace it), there are no co-pays, no surprise bills, and no limits.

    Moreover, because LASO Plus isn’t designed to work or replace health insurance, business owners can even offer 1099 employees a paid membership as an employee benefit.


    Currently, only the company’s LASO Plus virtual healthcare program is working at a nationwide scale.

    Nevertheless, LASO Health is ultimately planning on growing its brand and business enough as they get more users subscribing to their LASO Plus membership virtual healthcare program, for which they’ll then utilize those earnings to scale its LASO Local In-App service for in person healthcare visits (which is currently only taking place in San Antonio, Texas) to be available in every city major city in the US.

    If you’re interested in subscribing to LASO Health’s LASO Plus virtual healthcare program and trying it out for a month, you can do so by visiting LASO Health’s official website.

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