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Ninja Sphere (video)

Ninja Sphere

Kickstarter’s latest project, the Ninja Sphere, aims at being the next generation control for your home environment.  The Ninja Sphere provides accurate in-home location data and an easy-to-use gesture control interface. Each device will learn about you and your environment using data from sensors and actuators to build a model that will tell you if something is out of place. The Ninja Sphere can monitor temperature, lighting, your pets, energy usage and anything else you’d like to connect to your device. Then with data from your various devices, environment and location, the Ninja Sphere will also advice you intelligently, and give you control only when you need it. It all centers around the Sphearmid that contains one ore more Sphearamid gateways, location waypoints and all your devices.

Ninja Sphere 2

The Ninja Sphere will turn off any appliances automatically, let you know if lights were left on or if the coffee machine is still on, as well as remind you to turn off things via your phone or smart phone. It will even alert you when you have valuables that are moving so that you can double check them. With the Ninja’s open-source approach, anybody can write and share a driver to connect a device to your Ninja Sphere so that as new devices come onto market, the device will automatically support it.

Get yours by pledging $449 AUD or more.

Check out the video….