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Vapium Summit Plus Review

Vapium Summit Plus is easy to use

For those that enjoy vaping, you’re in for a treat. For about the last 5 years, electronic vapes have been all the rage, and they’re quickly becoming a smoker’s techy necessity, along with their smartphone. The Vapium Summit Plus is the latest to reach the market, and it’s designed for easy operation and rugged staying power.

Vapium Summit Plus is rugged

Vapium Summit Plus Design

The Vapium Summit Plus is for those who don’t want to fuss over complicated operation. In fact, you can control this thing with one hand, and a companion app opens the world to a lot more functions. Simply fill the chamber with herb, and you’re ready to start puffing.

Vapium Summit Plus has an app

The Summit Plus is super portable, about the size of a half a pack of smokes, and it weighs a feathery 88 grams. With an IP54 rating, it can take some water splashing and even a dust storm. Just don’t submerge the device or take it in the shower.

When we say simple operation, we mean it. It has only two buttons for power and temperature control, but as mentioned, the app gives you a little more functionality, and allows you to set additional features via Bluetooth.

Vapium Summit Plus weighs 88 grams

The four indicator lights show you the temperature presets between 320 to 446F, in eight increments of 18 degrees. For example, when the blue LED lights up halfway, the temperature is 320. Full blue represents 338…. all the way up to full red, which is 446F.

Once your vape reaches the set temperature, the power light will switch from blue to green, and the vape vibrates to let you know your Vapium Summit Plus is ready to be used.

Vapium Summit Plus is rugged



The Vapium Summit Plus is a breeze to use, and it performs well. While it has somewhat of a short session time at about 2 minutes, it’s perfect for those quick tokes, or even a somewhat lengthier smoking period. It’s perfect for medical users, and the chamber is easy to pack.

And speaking of the chamber, if you stuff the chamber full, the heat will reach all of the material inside. This is a nice function, because most other competitors don’t achieve this. The Summit Plus also has a longer vapor path (made from conductive steel), which allows the vape to be cooled once it reaches your mouth. Because the vapor path is narrow, you’ll be taking a fairly slow but effective draw.

Cleaning the chamber is also easy. You simply pop off the magnetically secured lid, and use the on-board pick tool to remove debris. If you want to remove the screen, you can do that as well. There’s a tab for easy retrieval, and Vapium gives you some extras in the box.


Vapium Summit Plus is good looking

Bottom Line

The Vapium Summit Plus is a winner, especially if you’re looking for a discreet, inexpensive dry herb vape. It’s super convenient, can take some abuse from the elements.

The Summit Plus is large enough to hold a fair amount of product,Vapium Summit Plus fits nice in the hand and it fits great in the hand. It also manages temperature very well, and for the price, you probably can’t find a better vape with the same functionality and performance.

Available in Covert, Sage and Slate colors, the Vapium Summit Plus sells for $149.99, and you can get your hands on one through Vapium here.

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