WiThing Body Scale

wifi scaleTrack the Fat Withings, a French technology company, introduces the WiFi Body Scale, the world’s first WiFi connected bathroom scale with web and iPhone compatibility, combining a sleek design and technology to transform a regular bathroom scale into an accurate health monitoring system. In short, you weigh yourself and let the magic begin…wirelessly. A built-in chip automatically records the user’s body weight, lean & fat mass, and calculated body mass index (BMI). The data is then instantly transmitted over WiFi to a private webpage you setup on WiThing’s website….or….transfer the info to a free iPhone application called WiScale.
A Multi-user function automatically recognizes up to 8 users the moment they step on the scale, thanks to memory sensors that recognize someone’s cumulitive historical measurements. The whole family can manage weight with this puppy.

By using bioelectric impedance analysis, the scale calculates the users body fat composition and displays it in actual weight instead of a percentage of fat in the body. This allows for more accurate tracking because it avoids the daily weight fluctuations due to things like water gain or loss
The scale measures less than 1” high, weighs 5 lbs, and has a large backlit display… easy to read and looks like an iPhone sitting on the floor. Weight is displayed in lbs or kg and can weigh up to 396 lbs. The real beauty of this device is the effortless tracking of weight and the ability to manage it with WiThings software. Additionally, it offers tips and tricks to shed unwanted pounds.  (www.withings.com, www.amazon.com, $159)