Agath’s Mirror LCD TVs for your kitchen and bathroom

agath-tvVery much like the LCD Mirror TVs by Seura, a French firm named Agath offers TV sets that are specifically designed for your kitchen and your bathroom. When turned off, the television turns into a mirror. Agath televisions tout the best of new technologies while offering outstanding visual comfort. Their custom made LCD screens are designed for extreme resistance. Each model is developed using the benefits from the latest in flatscreen innovation, which includes exceptional picture quality, high brightness and high contrast and needed perfect viewing angles. Their TX15 screen can be best integrated into door panels or flat boards. The T115 is a rotating and folding TV set, which is designed to be used in the cooking area. This screen can be concealed underneath the fittings and when opened out, it rotates for the utmost visual comfort.

The company’s T2 line of mirror TVs can be incorporated easily in any type of panel, either in the kitchen or the bathroom. These mirror TVs from Agath are available in a choice of colors, appearance and size. I am sure they won’t be cheap, but the artistic and royal feel of these mirror TVs will compensate for the same.