BumpTop Software For Mac OS X

BumpTop for Mac OS XThe BumpTop desktop replacement software, already available for Windows 7, is now available on Mac OS X.

BumpTop allows you to create your very own customised desktop which interacts with your movements. The premise is that it helpsyou organise and keep track of documents in a more natural way via a 3D desktop application on your computer.

BumpTop will stay out of your way, complementing all of the Mac OS X features you know and love: like Spaces, Exposé, and Quick Look. It supports multigestures on your MacBook’s Tracpad, and it allows you to Clean Up or Pile your items, or Grow and Shrink them independently. View the contents of your piles quickly and effortlessly with BumpTop’s Grid View.

With BumpTop for Mac, you can Pin important files to BumpTop’s walls to keep them separate from the rest. BumpTop’s four walls and floor are your canvas: pick and choose images for each wall.

The power of BumpTop is its vizualization. People are better at managing information through visual tools and images.  Psychology has proven this. BumpTop’s radical new concept in desktop computing and its 3D interface make it fun to interact with. You can organize papers just as if you had a messy desk in front of you.  The added beauty is that it’s contained inside a computer screen. BumpTop’s new visual environment does not take long to get used to, and it is a good glimpse into the future of what 3D will look like on our computers and other media.

There is a free basic version of BumpTop and a pro version which has extra features for $29. (http://bumptop.com/mac)(video courtesy of anandx)