Adesso CyberPad A4

The CyberPad A4 from Adesso converts your handwritten notes and graphics into usable digital information. Through the use of the bundled software (Adobe Photoshop Elements 7.0 for Windows and 6.0 for Mac OS X), Adesso is the only solution that links handwriting and graphics to the PC, providing a digital reproduction for future reference.

Adesso CyberPad A4

The Adesso CyberPad digitally stores exact reproductions of notes or graphics in real time. Handwriting can be converted and stored using the CyberPad’s onboard 32MB of memory which can be divided into 26 directories (A-Z) with 99 pages available in each. Memory is further expandable with the integrated SD slot, which can also act as an SD card reader. It then connects to a PC via USB to transfer and manage notes and images.

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Once it is connected to a PC, the CyberPad also converts into a fully-functioning PC tablet, making it a great solution for graphic artists, photo editors and CAD/CAM operators. Adesso says other emerging applications for the CyberPad include Internet whiteboard graphics, signature verification for e-commerce as well as handwriting/text conversion.

[adsense]Here’s how it works.  You place any ordinary paper or notepad on the digital pad and write on it with the digital inking pen. The digital pad records everything you write, plus the CyberPad lets users organize their notes by creating folders for specific items or subjects. The LCD screen indicates which page and folder you’re writing in.

CyberPad’s bundle riteMail! software can be used to view, edit and organize handwritten digital pages in Windows. Digital pages can be saved as image file and shared between your devices, even PDAs, while the MyScript software converts notes in a text editor. The CyberPad is compatible with any type of paper including regular letter size and A4 size and weighs just 1.5lbs. The built-in memory (32MB) holds approximately 150 digital sheets).

The Digital Ink Pen has a battery life of around 15 months. The Adesso CyberPad A4 costs around $199 and is available online and at selected retailers. (

Published on March 3 2010