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TriGem Averatec N1200 Lightest Netbook on the Market

TriGem USA introduces the Averatec N1200 Series netbook, the thinnest, lightest 10.1-inch netbook on the market today. The netbook weighs 2.2 pounds, measures less than one-inch thick, and offers up to six hours of battery life with the extended battery model. The N1200 will be offered in different models, ranging in configuration and priced from $329 to $379.

Averatec N1200

Three models will be offered and feature various configurations based oneither the Windows XP Home or Windows 7 Starter operating systems. Extendedbattery models will also be available to increase battery performance fromthree to six hours.

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TriGem uses materials and components typically found on more expensive ultra-slim notebooks, such as ultra-slim LED LCDs along with super-slim 7mm hard drives are some of tricks TriGem uses to slim down the the N1200 Series netbook. Magnesium-alloy casing and the use of lithium polymer battery cells help to keep the weight down to 2.2 pounds, making it the lightest in its

Averatec N1200 2

“To build a leading-class netbook, you need to think about how it should be built,” said Bob Davidson, TriGem USA senior vice president. “The lines between low-cost netbooks and ultra-portable notebooks are becoming blurred and consumers are no longer satisfied with mere compact clamshell-shaped netbooks. They want all the premium styling and features found in ultra-portable notebooks but at much more affordable prices.”


The new Averatec N1200 Series netbook features a 1.66GHz Intel Atom N450 processor and operating system options for either Microsoft Windows XP Home or Windows 7 Starter. For videoconferencing and video Web chat, the netbook includes a 1.3-megapixel webcam. Storage options include 160GB and 250GB hard drives and the N1200 comes standard with 1GB DDR2 memory which is expandable to 2GB of total system memory.

The Averatec N1200 Series netbook is available for purchase this month at retail partners such as BestBuy.com, TigerDirect.com and OfficeMax.com.

Averatec N1200 3

Specifications – Model N1200 Series

Model NameN1231EA1E-1S (Silver)

N1231EA1E-1B (Bronze)

N1231EE1E-1 (Silver)N1231FE1E-1S (Silver)

N1231FE1E-1 (Bronze)

Battery (hrs)Up to 3hrsUp to 3hrsUp to 6hrs
Screen Size10.1” Wide LED LCD (16:9)

(1024 x 600)

10.1” Wide LED LCD (16:9)

(1024 x 600)

10.1” Wide LED LCD (16:9)

(1024 x 600)

ProcessorATOM N450 (1.66GHz)ATOM N450 (1.66GHz)ATOM N450 (1.66GHz)
ChipsetIntel NM10Intel NM10Intel NM10
Hard Drive160GB HDD160GB HDD250GB HDD
LAN10/100 LAN10/100 LAN10/100 LAN
Video SolutionIntel IntegratedIntel IntegratedIntel Integrated
Webcam1.3 megapixel1.3 megapixel1.3 megapixel
Operating SystemWindows XP HomeWindows 7 StarterWindows 7 Starter
AudioHigh Def. AudioHigh Def. AudioHigh Def. Audio

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Published on 6 March 2010

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