Toshiba Tablet PC

Tablet computers are going to be one of the most popular gadgets this year, considering the category took over the Consumer Electronics show this year.  Apple’s iPad unveiling has also perpetuated the tablet market into a must-have gadget for 2010.

Toshiba is working on a range of tablets that they intend to launch by the end of 2010, or the beginning of 2011, although they havent released any details on their tablets as yet.

Toshiba Tablet PC

Jeff Barney from Toshiba thinks that tablets are going to be popular as well, “It has proved to be a mistake to underestimate these new categories,” he said. “And besides, we need new category creation to grow our industry.”

There are no details on what we can expect from Toshiba, although they will probably release a Windows 7- based tablet, and potentially a Google Android tablet from them as well.


Published on : March 12, 2010