will Create Your App, and Market it too

Matchmaking is nothing new to the Internet, but a website resource that links clients interested in developing iPhone, iPad, Android, or Blackberry Apps with qualified developers – and then promote that App to end-users – is something out of the ordinary. will Create Your App, and Market it too is a one-stop source for businesses interested in creating apps with qualified, professional developers suited to their projects. As an added service, we also offer online and offline marketing of these Apps for maximum exposure,” comments Bill Blaney, who developed the idea for Community Builder Promotions.

Blaney, a pioneer in online and social marketing who’s worked with clients such as JP Morgan Chase, NBC, TNT, and others, recognizes that unlike building a website, creating an App requires a team of qualified experts who fully understand the power and potential of exciting new Apps.
“The authorized App developers we select at need to have first proven themselves,” states Blaney. “For example, if we’re discussing iPhone or iPad, they need to have already-built Apps that are currently distributed through the App Store. For Android and Blackberry apps, they need to have their products out in the marketplace and currently in use as well.” was created for companies that are serious about developing an App for themselves or their clients and have a budget and a timeline in place. “In order for us to pass a project on to our developers, this basic criteria must be met,” says Blaney. “Our developers know that a lead coming from us has been pre-qualified. Our clients, on the other hand, can feel comfortable that their projects will be handled by programmers and developers that have worked within their budget in the past.”

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AppMatchmaker categorizes projects within the following ranges: $2,500 to $5,000; $5,000 to $10,000; and $10,000 to $20,000 or more. “It’s important for clients to know what kind of project they’re doing and have a realistic idea of what range it fits into,” Blaney adds. “Sometimes they underestimate. Sometimes they are pleasantly surprised at what can be accomplished for their budgets.”
While competent development of Apps (which range in complexity) require a sophisticated level of talent, it is only just one step in the process of getting people to use it.
“Apps have become the new rich media ‘experience’ and as such they need to be promoted to enjoy their full audience potential,” notes Bob Lipp, a long-time marketing exec who works with Blaney.” At, we also recognize the importance of promoting an App via advertising, public relations, online video, SEO websites, and social media…and employ a team of people with those credentials and abilities.”

It all results in a resource that streamlines the vetting process for both clients and developers and offers a way to “break through the clutter” of a market that becomes more crowded with new products everyday.