Coder whips up one handed keyboard post surgery

Coder whips up one handed keyboard post surgeryGeeks are some of the most innovative people on the planet. You just can’t keep a geek down, as evidenced by Matt Daughtrey. The dude is a coder and had to have surgery on his left arm leaving him one-handed while the other heals.If you type for a living as I do, the thought of only one had is enough to give you nightmares. Rather than curling into a ball and weeping at his lost productivity, good ol’ Matt worked up a hack using an old wireless keyboard, Sugru, some ShapeLock and an auto Hotkey program.


With those materials, he turned his keyboard into a one-handed wonder and shared the results with Make.After all the parts are thrown together, Matt is able to mirror the left side of his keyboard onto the right side with a button press. The idea is that muscle memory will let him continue to touch type one handed. That still has to take longer, but it’s better than doing it all with one hand. I would have just gone with Dragon Naturally Speaking myself, even if I do feel like a loon talking to my PC.

Via : Slash Gear