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    Joby GorillaTorch Switchback

    Joby is now offering something called the GorillaTorch Switchback.  Perfect for campers, the Switchback can transform from a head lamp into a lantern in a matter of seconds.

    As always there is Joby’s bendable legs for easy mounting and 5 powerful LEDs including a 130-lumen CREE XLamp XP-G LED spotlight.  There are 6 brightness settings, an adjustable dimmer switch along with 2 red LEDs to help preserve night vision.  If you purchase the separate camera mount screw it can double as a tripod. Unlike Joby’s Blade, you’ll have to supply your own 2 AA batteries, which last for up to 72 hours.

    The GorillaTorch Switch back goes on sale soon at select retailers including Amazon, REI, LL Bean.  Pricing is set at $59.95.

    Here’s the release…….

    From solo to social, the multi-functional lighting solution is the perfect companion for the outdoors

    The Gorillatorch Switchback will launch on October 21st at Tent City Event in San Francisco’s Presidio

    San Francisco, CA – October 21, 2010 – Joby, Inc., the world-renowned designer of the best-selling

    Gorillatorch Original and the Gorillapod™ line of

    innovative camera tripods, makes history again with the

    category-defining launch of the Gorillatorch Switchback. The ultimate companion for the outdoor

    enthusiast, this combination lantern-headlamp uses the same LED light array in a single form factor to

    avoid the need to carry two separate lights.

    Produced with the latest in high-performance materials and LED light technology, the Gorillatorch

    Switchback combines exceptional light quality with innovative product design. With 5

    powerful LEDs, including a 130-lumen CREE® XLamp® XP-G LED spotlight, 6 brightness settings and an adjustable

    dimmer switch this social to solo lighting product is an overflowing cauldron of beautiful light. The 92%

    ultra-efficient holographic lens produces brilliant and even light that is easy on the eyes when viewed

    directly, a vast

    improvement over traditional lanterns available today.

    “We wanted to create a lighting product that encourages strong social interaction in the same way that

    a campfire does,” says JOBY CEO Forrest Baringer-Jones, “Our deep research into the needs of skiing,

    surfing and climbing guides as well as extreme backpackers inspired us to create an entirely new product

    that combines a lightweight headlamp with a social lantern utilizing the same LED lighting engine. Our

    friends on the mountain told us their existing

    solutions didn’t work, so this piece of revolutionary design

    is for them and many others.”

    As a lantern, the Gorillatorch Switchback is capable of illuminating an 8-person family tent or small

    cabin, making it the ideal light for any social gathering – from meals at the campsite, to an evening game

    of cards on the patio. Gorillatorch Switchback can easily hook to the inside of a tent, sit on a table or

    attach to a branch using the included flexible lantern stand.

    The integrated design allows for a quick transition to headlamp mode, with an ergonomic, woven

    headband that can be comfortably worn for hours. The Switchback can illuminate a trail up to 60 feet

    ahead, with two additional white LEDs for flood lighting and two red LEDs to preserve night vision.

    Built to last throughout a weekend of outdoor adventures, the Gorillatorch Switchback uses two easy-

    to-find AA batteries for a battery life of up to 72 hours. The flexible lantern stand also doubles as a

    camera tripod when using the included standard camera screw.

    The Switchback retails at $59.95 and is available globally for purchase at select retailers including; REI,

    L.L. Bean, Eastern Mountain Sports and Amazon.

    This fall, Joby, Inc. is excited to introduce a range of iconic products that inspire the creative and active

    lifestyle, expanding its Gorillapod, Gorillatorch and Gorillamobile lines.

    The Gorillatorch Switchback is the third of six products that JOBY is launching this fall. The Gorillatorch

    Switchback will launch on October 21st in San Francisco at Tent City, an interactive experience that will

    celebrate a return to backcountry roots, and an active outdoor lifestyle.

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    David Novak
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