A list of what to expect from the iPad 2- announced tomorrow

Below is a compilation of rumors, guesses, unofficial reports and specs from iPad accessories already out- trying to make the best hypothetical guess of what we’ll hear tomorrow at Apple’s Press Event, announcing the iPad 2.  Here it is:

  • A much thinner and lighter iPad. We’re talking seriously thin.
  • A slightly thinner bezel around the iPad’s display, making the device’s footprint just a tad bit smaller.
  • A dual-core Apple processor, possibly named A5
  • 512MB of RAM
  • A front-facing 1.3-megapixel camera for FaceTime HD
  • A rear-facing 2-megapixel camera
  • Support for AT&T and Verizon Wireless networks out of the box
  • Photo Booth for iPad
  • Availability within 1-2 weeks, new price points starting at $399 for the entry-level Wi-Fi model
  • Announcement and preview of iOS 5 to be released in the summer

At 1:00PM ET tomorrow, we’ll know the true identity of the iPad 2.  Care to take a guess at anything we missed?