Razer Hydra Controller PC Motion Sensing Controller (video)

Razer, maker of high-tech gaming accessories and peripherals, has just announced its newest gaming controller, the Hydra, which is a subtle twist to the new age of gaming controllers.  The Razer Hydra is effectively two Nintendo Wii Nunchuks, utilizing magnetic motion sensing.  THe Hydra promises ultra precise tracking down to 1mm and 1 degree movements, which is a lot more sophisticated than the standard Nintendo controllers you get with the console.

Each controller has an analog stick, 4 face buttons, a trigger button and a bumper.  Razer will begin to take preorders in May with shipping expected to commence in June.  Out the box it works with 125 games, including Portal 2, but you can expect more to arrive in the coming months.  Razor will be retailing the Hydra for $125.

See the demonstration video below…..