New and Improved Swivl Robot with Cloud

Swivl Robot with Cloud

The original Swivl was a swivel mount that allowed your iPhone’s camera to track your movements through swivel robotics. The company is back with the new Swivl rRobot designed to improve teaching via video and cloud-driven technology.

A robotic mobile accessory with secure cloud content hosting, the Swivl Robot tilts and rotates to follow the presenter as he or she moves around the classroom, recording wireless video and audio with its Cloud and Capture app. Swivl then automatically uploads these recordings to its network, Swivl Cloud.

These new features include unlimited uploading with content staging, 2x faster uploading speeds, cloud exporting of slide and video files directly to your computer or YouTube, and perhaps most significantly, compatibility with Android devices. Expanding upon Swivl’s existing model, these additions make video technology even easier and more accessible for educators.

These new features came from user feedback following the company’s inaugural Swivl Video Pioneers Program. Launched in 2014, the Swivl Video Pioneers Program is initiative aimed at learning more about how educators have incorporated Swivl in their classrooms. This group of educators used Swivl to access distance learners through video MOOCs, and the company was was able to make product changes that were directly applicable to the current educational protocols.

“After incorporating the experiences and feedback of teachers across the country, Swivl moves out of beta with a fresh set of eyes,” said Brian Lamb, Swivl co-founder and CEO. “We’ve redefined the uploading and exporting functionality of Swivl Cloud to help address the broad range of applications we’re seeing within our platform.”

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