InfantTech ‘Always in View’ Baby Monitor Review

InfantTech Always In View Baby Monitor 2

Always in View Baby Monitor for Cars is a wireless video monitoring system, which allows parents to see their baby while driving. The high-definition camera inside the stuffed animal –available in a monkey, a giraffe and a puppy model — broadcasts images of the baby to a color monitor, which you can conveniently place on the dashboard of a car.



Camera for Day or Night Use

The camera with infrared lighting allows viewing day or night. Each stuffed animal comes with long arms and Velcro on the palms, which helps you to easily position it on the back headrest of a car. By quickly glancing at the monitor, you can drastically reduce your distractions when monitoring your child.  This can also include awkward arm reaching and unnecessary head turning.

Because you don’t have direct line of sight to your child in a car, but you still need to monitor your child, the InfantTech device is a life saver. The wireless video feed is a constant reminder of what’s going on with your child in that back seat, and the windshield-mounted display makes it a breeze to monitor anything in the rear of your car.


Easy to Install

The 3.5” video screen attaches to your windshield with a suction cup, providing the flexibility to move it to a position that gives you the best line of sight.  Additionally, the video screen is anti-glare and automatically switches to night vision mode in low light conditions, making it easy to see your child under all conditions.

InfantTech Always In View Baby Monitor 4

For front facing seats, simply attach to the headrest of the front seat.  An internal armature let’s you bend the plush to a position that gives you the best view of your child.  And kids love these adorable animals, which provide your child constant entertainment in the car without them ever realizing that this lovable toy is actually a high-end baby monitor.

InfantTech Always In View Baby Monitor 3


Both the camera and the video monitor are powered by rechargeable batteries that are good for up to 6 hours.  In addition to a wall charger, a car adapter is available with 2 USB ports, so that you can charge both the camera and the monitor right from your car.

InfantTech Always In View Baby Monitor 5

While intended for in-car use, you can use it at home as well.  The monitor itself performs very nicely, providing both HD video and good audio.  The versatility of the Velcro lets you easily attach the camera to furniture as well

Infanttech’s Always In View baby monitor for cars is available for $199.99.  You can buy one here.