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Beginner-Friendly Crash Course on Setting Up Vapes the First Time

Whether you’re interested in blowing gigantic vapor clouds or simply looking for a safer alternative to cigarettes, vaping offers you an abundance of options. These can sometimes be overwhelming to newcomers, but some familiarity with the basics should help your find your way.

Important Terminology for First-Timers

Vape shops offer a variety of devices and e-liquids, so you want to know some of the terminology before purchase. Some time spent getting familiar with these terms will make the process much easier and more fun:

  • E-liquids While flavor is a biggie, there are many factors to consider. For instance, if your goal is cloud size you’ll want something with higher vegetable glycerine (VG) content, while higher propylene glycol (PG) is the ticket for maximum flavor and throat hit. Be careful not to overdo PG content your first time out, as too much can cause sore throat, dry mouth, and thirstiness if you’re just starting. The next step is choosing the right nicotine strength(0-18mg/ml) for you. It’s best to start conservatively, then gradually move up as you get accustomed to vaping.
  • Ohms This is a measure of the resistance of the coil in atomizers. Ohms loosely determine the current allowed to pass through your vape coil. Lower ohms means more current through your atomizer, producing more vapor.
  • Wattage This determines how much power your device will consume. Increased wattage produces warmer, thicker vapor but also shortens your battery life. You’ll want to find a nice balance when setting this, starting lower to avoid burning new coils.

The Starter Mod For You

Now that you’ve got the basics on how e-liquids, ohms, and wattage affect vape experience, we can move on to mod types. Most devices come with a number of replacement parts, so a mistake here and there shouldn’t be big problem. However, it’s always advisable to give the enclosed manual a quick study before operating any mod.

The mods most vaping pros use are box mods. They’re larger devices, with larger tanks, greater battery capacity and are far more customizable (in terms of vaping experience). Though the initial setup can take you back to your Lego days, you’ll be rewarded with a device that truly is all your own. These mods require intermediate to advanced familiarity with the individual components and device adjustments to operate safely, so do your due diligence before taking that first pull.

Then there are pen-style devices and pod systems, favorites among female vapers and beginners for their subtlety and ease of use. Both types are lower wattage mods and require the least technical knowledge. Pen style devices are cylindrical and elongated, they’re the most “cigarette-like” and a favorite among ex-smokers. Some assembly can be expected, but it’s minimal. Meanwhile pods come in a variety of discreet little shapes and are the most user friendly of the bunch. Just fill the pod, pop it back in and fire up!

Take It Slow

We’ve all been through the haze of not knowing where to begin with that first vape mod. Have fun trying different mod types and juices, mix and match levels and settings til you find the that perfect blend. Just take it slowly, with time you’ll be able to find your niche.

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