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    Miku Baby Monitor

    Miku has made a baby monitor that is second to none. It uses A.I and machine-learning technology to create a highly spot-checked and detailed health profile of a child as he’s sleeping.

    Miku Co-founder and CEO Eric White decided to build a more technically advanced baby monitor that combines cutting-edge video and audio technologies with proprietary software backed by the National Science Foundation.

    “The Miku Baby Monitor is only the beginning for us,” said White in a release. “As a new father, I know there is a huge need for this level of technology and sophistication in a product people entrust to help care for their loved ones. The applications for Miku’s technology are limitless.”

    The Miku Baby Monitor can not only keep an eye on baby, but it can also monitor breathing, motion, sounds, and sleeping patterns as well as other factors like temperature and humidity levels to make sure the baby’s room is comfortable. A collection of Qualcomm quad-core processors runs the brains and braun of this device, while an embedded, tamper-resistant crypto chip keeps the data secure.

    Your child can be monitored by the MikuMind app, available for Android and iOS, which enables parents to read pediatric expert health tips, view sleep reports, and scroll through an archive of photos and videos shot by the company’s high-definition 1080p camera that also includes a high-quality night vision mode.

    Miku Baby Monitor

    The Miku Baby Monitor also enables two-way talk through the monitor’s dual Ole Wolff speakers as well as sleep sounds and playlists that can be activated through the MikuMind app. In the future, the company anticipates using the data collected by the Miku Baby Monitor to make health recommendations like check-up reminders or push alerts when a baby’s vitals, such as heart rate or breathing, alter.

    “We’ve invented a technology that cares as much about your baby as you do,” said Colt Seman, CMO and co-founder of Miku. “We’re honored to be a winner in the Best of BabyTech Awards and hope to set a new standard for the industry that raises expectations for something as core to care as a baby monitor.”

    The Miku comes with a 30-day MikuMind subscription, and the device itself sells for $399, or $34/mo with Affirm financing.

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