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    Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro

    Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro

    With the rising need for home security, smart home cameras are becoming quite popular. The Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro is the company’s latest artificial intelligence powered security camera, and it’s worth a look.

    The camera protects your home with the power of A.I. Unlike some smart home cameras that can easily be triggered by just about any movement, Vivint’s latest smart device can differentiate between the innocuous and the suspicious activity that needs your attention. That means no more alerts from passersby or cars coming down the street.Vivint’s Outdoor Camera Pro uses advanced analytics to determine when activity requires your attention. You can set up a surveillance zone to have the camera focus its attention on, and you can tell it to filter out notifications that don’t matter to you, like pets walking by. The camera uses a Smart Sentry feature that pays attention to a person’s behavior. If they lurk too long on your property, the camera can alert you to the suspicious activity. It will also deter the potential intruder by flashing a red light and issuing a warning tone.

    To protect your home day and night, the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro is equipped with night vision. When a notification comes in that requires your attention, you can view a livestream or recording of the action in 1080p, allowing you to zoom in for a closer look if need be. Plus, all clips are available on-demand, so you can report any activity to law enforcement.“Cameras are our most popular smart home product category for a reason – would-be burglars fear cameras the most of any security solution,” said Jeff Lyman, chief product officer at Vivint Smart Home. “Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro goes beyond awareness by introducing a new layer of protection that helps deter and prevent crime.”

    The Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro will integrate into the rest of the company’s smart home security suite, which includes smart locks, lights, doorbells, indoor cameras, sensors, car protection, and more.

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