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    Unagi Scooter: The Ultimate Electric Scooter

    Do you love scooters? Unagi Scooters are “makers of the finest portable electric scooter on earth!” The company just completed the most successful electric scooter Kickstarter campaign in history, and they’re now selling directly from their website.

    If you live in a large city, there’s a good chance you’ve seen many scooters driving around. Motorized scooters are great when it comes to help you maneuver through nightmaring traffic. While renting them is affordable (averaging $1.90 per five minutes), requesting a Lyft service is not (costing around $8), and the cost just keeps increasing if you use either daily. As a result, having a personal scooter like the Unagi has become more common.

    Unagi Electric Scooter Review & It’s Specification

    The stylish Unagi is available in four different colors: Cosmic Blue, Gotham (Grey), Sea Salt (White), and Matte Black. When buying “The Model One”, you have two power choices, the E250, which is a robust 250W single motor scooter, or the E450, a powerful 450W dual motor. As scooters go, the Unagi packs an amazing look. The paint job resembles one from a luxury car, and the dual-motor option promises to climb steeper hills better than the competition (6 degrees with the 250W single motor, 15 with the 450W dual motor).

    In case you do live in big cities, you’ll probably have to ride your scooter strictly on the road, and not the sidewalk, which means you’ll have to put on a helmet. And while the Unagi doesn’t have any extra safety features, it does offer the power of a 450W dual motor to really get you moving fast around cars or off the mark at stop lights,

    Unagi electric Scooter

    The Unagi isn’t heavy. Thanks to the magnesium alloy handlebar and the TORAY carbon fiber tube, it’s ultra-lightweight, weighing between 22-24 pounds (depending on the model). You’re even able to fold it, which makes it super easy to carry around, and it’s built for maximum strength and durability. The Unagi screams practicality. Simple chores like hitting the grocery store become both fun and practical when using the Unagi. It also has an integrated kickstand that’s sturdy and simple, and integrates seamlessly with the deck, looking practically invisible when you’re riding.

    The scooter allows you to change between three speed modes: beginner, intermediate and advanced (with top speeds of about 9, 12 and 15 mph respectively). The Unagi can drive up to an average of 15.5-miles on a charge, and you can extend the battery charge by sacrificing some speed and riding it in beginner/eco-mode. You can fully charge the Unagi in five hours. Plug it in overnight or while at the office, and you’re good and juiced.

    Price-wise, if you choose the E250 single motor version, the Unagi is priced at $840. The more powerful E450 dual motor model comes in at $990. If you’re tired of renting scooters and have been wishing to get your own personal electric scooter, you’ll probably want to give the Unagi a look. It has stylish looks at a very affordable price. You can now buy it directly from UnagiScooters’ website.

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