Veloz and Schwarzenegger Highlight the Importance of Electric Vehicles

When thinking about cars, we know how bad they are for the environment. They are noisy; they contribute to air pollution through their gasoline fumes, emitting many air pollutants; and lastly, they make a huge dent in your wallet when it comes to gas money.

Recently, Arnold Schwarzenegger partnered up with Veloz, going “undercover” in a somewhat bizarre, but entertaining new commercial, where he tries to convince prospective electric vehicle buyers to get a gas-powered car instead. The ad was organized by Veloz, a California non-profit organization that’s focused on accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles across the country.

By going undercover as “Howard Kleiner”, Schwarzenegger promoted and covered all the advantages that electric cars have to offer; by trying to sell the opposite. By constantly praising the drawbacks that come with noisy, heavy polluting cars, such as muscle cars, Arnold highlights all the virtues offered by electric cars.

Electric Cars

During the video, Schwarzenegger brings out a Hummer, aggressively revving the engine and causing a lot of uncomfortable noise in the process. Schwarzenegger cover all the issues that are related to non-electric vehicles, asking rhetorically while sitting behind the wheel and revving the engine, “Can a battery-powered car do this,” as well as forcing the vehicle to emit tons of exhaust fumes, ironically stating “Ahhh, I love the smell of exhaust.”

All in all, Howard Kleiner’s effort, or Arnold’s to be exact, is a remarkable one. The commercial is well done. It’s a great effort that resulted from the partnership between Schwarzenegger and Veloz. The commercial accurately highlights all the current problems that are associated with non-electric vehicles in a humorous way. And there’s even a subtle reference to one of Schwarzenegger’s all-time great movie lines.

If you haven’t considered the benefits of changing to an electric vehicle, this video is a great and funny way to grab some perspective on the subject.