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Status BT ONE – Premium On-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

If you’re looking for a new pair of On-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones that’s capable of delivering high-quality audio, you should definitely check out the Status BT One Headphones. Status is an audio company that offers simple, high quality headphones that feature a minimalist design with audiophile standards, but are still priced within reach.

The Status BT One On-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are the new standard in wireless audio. They offer premium sound while looking effortlessly cool, and they’re also at a category-defining price point. These headphones are made for music lovers who are ready to feel the difference.

Status BT ONE Bluetooth Headphones

The Status BT One On-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are lightweight and come with a built-in Microphone. They come in a sturdy black cardboard box that includes: one pair of  Status BT One HD Headphones, a 3.93 ft. (1.2 meter) aux audio cable, a USB-C charging cable, and a Status Hardshell carrying case.

Status has brought the warmth and authenticity of the analog connection into the wireless universe. The Status BT Headphones offer high-quality sound, and are tuned for depth, punch, and accuracy. They’re equipped with better drivers that are capable of producing high-quality sound. These 40 mm drivers produce more expansive, more detailed, and more inspiring sound.

Status BT ONE Bluetooth Headphones

When developing their new drivers, the company was focused on achieving a sub/low bass that ranges between 20–100hz. The deep vibrations you get when experiencing sound in a live setting come from that natural, exhilarating bass.

The Status BT One offers up to 30 hours of battery life and can be easily recharged with their included USB-C charging cable. The included 3.93 ft. (1.2 meter) aux audio cable features a 3.5 mm plug, and this can be a great solution for when wireless isn’t an option.

The Status BT One On-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are capable of delivering wireless high-quality sound without compromise, thanks to their featured Bluetooth 5.0 technology. The Status BT One Headphones come with the latest generation of Bluetooth 5.0, with Apt-X technology, ultimately providing quick, multipoint pairing, with a bulletproof low latency connection. The Status BT One offer wireless sound up to 82 ft. (25 meters).

The Status BT One On-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are currently available in two different models: Jetblack (Full Black with Synthetic Black Leather) and Umber (Half Black with Synthetic Brown Leather).

Status BT ONE Bluetooth Headphones

If you’re interested in getting a pair of Status BT One Headphones, each pair is currently priced at $100 and comes with a 30 Day Performance Guarantee, meaning you can test them out and return them if they don’t meet your expectations. The Status BT One Headphones are also backed by Status’ 1 Year Warranty. You can find the Status BT One Headphones at Status’ official website, on this page.

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