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    Mobvoi introduces A.I. Sleep Tracking Technology to its TicWatch Pro & TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE

    According to recent reports, Apple has started working on some new sleep tracking technology for its Apple Watch, but Chinese technological company Mobvoi already beat Apple to it.

    Mobvoi (Mobvoi Information Technology Company Limited, headquartered in Beijing, China) has recently announced its new sleep tracking technology for both its TicWatch Pro and TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE. The new features will be released together with the new TicSleep App, which was updated just yesterday (October 22, 2019).

    This means that if you’re the type of person who doesn’t mind wearing a watch during sleep, the upcoming sleep tracking technology could offer you the best type of sleep tracking that’s currently available. The best part about this new technology is that it will work without you really having to do anything.

    According to Mobvoi, the TicSleep App can automatically detect when you started sleeping by using artificial intelligence, and will then start tracking your sleeping cycle. That’s completely different from any other sleep trackers out there, which all currently require you to manually start their sleep tracking process.

    The TicSleep App works by using a range of sensors that are built-into the TicWatch Pro. This includes the sensors that track your sleep as well as the heart rate monitor. With all the data collected by the watch during the night, users are offered a detailed insight of their sleep cycles. The TicSleep App also features a new TicSleep watch face, which allows you to review your sleep cycles later in the day.

    But that’s not all that the TicSleep App has to offer. Not only does the TicSleep App tracks your sleep, but it also allows you to see how you’ve been sleeping during the last few days. On the watch itself, users can easily check and compare their last night’s sleep with their average sleep of the previous seven nights (that’s the maximum amount of days you can go back to compare to).

    Mobvoi Sleep Tracking Technology Data

    The TicSleep App is also designed to wake up users at the ideal time. By analyzing the sleep data that it collects, the TicSleep App can wake you up at the ideal time during your sleep cycle, which means that you’ll be able to wake up feeling completely refreshed and ready for another work day.

    Overall, most tech companies have improved a lot when considering their currently available health tracking and fitness tracking technologies. However, it seems that so far, a lot of that research and development was aimed towards “work out” solutions, or solutions that would cover “activity” throughout the day.

    Which brings us to main problem. Sleep is basically one of the most important parts of our everyday life, and while some people may not even work out every single day, everyone obviously sleeps every day (regardless of every other exceptional case).

    Still, since not everyone feels comfortable wearing a watch or any other type of tracker while they sleep, all we can really hope for is that companies continue to develop trackers that can be placed under the mattress or somewhere in the room, instead of focusing only on wearables.

    The new TicSleep App for the TicWatch Pro and TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE requires Android 8.0 or above, and can already be downloaded from the Google Play Store. You can check it out by clicking this link.

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