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    Magical Butter Oil Infuser – Make your own Marijuana Butter & Marijuana Instilled Oil

    Back in 2013, the very first Magical Butter Oil Infuser machine was introduced to the marijuana market. What made this simple and straightforward device so special was that it offered anyone a simple way of making their very own marijuana butter and marijuana instilled oil by processing already vaped buds (vaporizer leftovers). This means you’ll no longer have to use any crock pots, manually stir your mixes or even check the temperature. This machine does it all for you!

    Its creator, Garyn Angel, developed the device with one thing in mind – change the way that clinical marijuana gets to patients’ hands. As one of his best friends was affected by Crohn’s disease – an inflammatory bowel disease – Garyn was inspired to help his friend, and decided to start the Magical Butter device as early as he could.

    Knowing the medical benefits of cannabis, Garyn’s goal was to develop a machine that could offer anyone cannabinoids in the most convenient and fun way possible. And so, Garyn envisioned a machine that could easily create marijuana butter and marijuana instilled oil in just a few simple steps that would only take a short amount of time.

    As stated before, in order for you to develop the ideal marijuana butter, you’ll usually need a thermostat, a double boiler (most common used tools are crock pots) and a bit of resourcefulness, as well as a decent amount of focus, since you’re risking to start a fire in your residence. In the past, there was no room for mistakes, which could easily waste you hundreds of bucks’ worth of marijuana. But now, thanks to Magical Butter Oil Infuser machine, creating your very own marijuana butter and marijuana instilled oil is extremely simple.

    Let’s take a detailed look at the Magical Butter machine and at everything it has to offer.


    First of all, the Magical Butter Oil Infuser is a great machine to process your already vaped buds (vaporizer leftovers) into home-made marijuana butter and marijuana instilled oil.

    Magical Butter Oil Infuser
    Magical Butter Oil Infuser
    Magical Butter Machine - Top Part
    Magical Butter Machine – Top Part

    The machine is made mostly out of stainless steel and consists in/comes apart into two pieces. The top part features a hard-plastic handle and comes equipped with a heating probe, a temperature probe, and a blender attachment that stirs your herbs into the oil. The bottom part is a single piece of stainless steel that’s very easy to clean (more on that later) – this is where your oil is prepared – and comes equipped with a hard-plastic side handle.

    Magical Butter Machine - Separating the Bottom Part
    Magical Butter Machine – Separating the Bottom Part

    The machine’s interface is found at the top of the upper part, right under the top handle, offering you a ton of easy-to-use buttons that allow you to control the temperature settings (located right in the middle panel) and the cooking time settings (the time cycles for each cooking mode – located around the top part of the device).

    Magical Butter Machine - Interface
    Magical Butter Machine – Interface

    The Reversible Filter Bag is made of high-quality materials and turns the process of making marijuana instilled oil into an extremely easy task.

    Magical Butter Machine - Filter Bag
    Magical Butter Machine – Filter Bag

    The Magical Butter Love Glove is fully made of silicone, featuring a ton of small bristles that provide a great grip. The glove is used to grip the filter bag and squeeze out of it all the remaining oil that’s still contained in your plant material after the machine is done with the infusion.

    Magical Butter Machine - Silicone Love Glove
    Magical Butter Machine – Silicone Love Glove


    Within each package users will find: one stainless-steel pot/cup (bottom part of the machine), heating/temperature probe top with blender (upper part of the machine), one Magical Butter Love Glove (silicone glove), one Reversible Filter Bag, an included power cable, an Essential Cookbook (with tons of recipes), and the included User Manual.

    Magical Butter Machine - Box Contents
    Magical Butter Machine – Box Contents


    Using the Magical Butter Oil Infuser is extremely simple. Start with your oil of choice (coconut oil for example), pour it into the machine (minimum amount is 2 cups to reach the minimum fill line of the machine), then pour your ground vaporized buds (usually vaped leftovers) on top of that, put the lid on to connect both parts together (the power comes up through the handle) and wait for the machine to power up.

    After that just select a temperature setting, select a time cycle setting, and let the machine do its work. When it starts to work and infuse your oil, the machine will delight you with a “light show” that lets you know the process has started.

    As the machine goes through its oil infusing cycle, the “light show” will flash around your kitchen with green, blue and red lights, and this actually looks really nice. Every once in a while, you’ll also hear the blender’s blades come on, which does actually make quite a bit of noise while agitating the oil and stirring the ground herbs.

    After the selected cycle is finished, the machine will beep to let you know it’s ready and the lights on top will flash. All you have to do after is unplug the power cord, separate the top part from the bottom part, and your oil will be ready to be poured into a cooking/measuring cup.

    Now, to pour the oil, make sure you actually hold the top part above the bottom part of the machine for a while, just to let the oil drip of the “motor head” (top part), which will ensure you get the most out of each batch. Using a flexible silicone spatula lets you clean off any accumulated plant material and oil of the top and bottom parts of the machine. Make sure you scrape as much material as possible down to the bottom part before pouring your oil infused mix into the filter bag.

    Place the filter bag inside a cooking/measuring cup to catch the oil, and then filter your whole batch through the filter, and right into the cup. You now have nice cleaned infused oil, with no plant material floating around.

    As said before, you can get the most out of your batch by re-using the spatula again to scrape off any remaining plant material from the bottom part of the machine to the filter bag. After you empty out the bottom part of your Magical Butter machine you can then put on your Magical Butter Silicone Love Glove and squeeze out the remaining oil out of the plant material that’s in the filter bag.

    Just hold the filter bag with the remaining plant material, use your silicone glove to squeeze as hard as you can, and get as much oil as possible out of each batch. Remember to do this while the oil is still hot because it will flow easiest, which ensures you get the most oil, and the easiest extraction.

    If all goes well, you’ll be left with a decent amount of infused marijuana oil which you can decant to and store in any clean flask or jar you have around. You can now use this infused oil at any time for whatever you wish, such as edibles, topicals (cannabis-infused lotions, balms, and oils), or anything else you can think of.


    Cleaning the machine and its accessories (silicone glove and reversible filter bag) is also extremely simple and should only take you a couple of minutes.

    Since the filter bag is reversible, you can just turn it inside out to be rinsed and scrubbed with dish soap and a brush. This lets you remove any residual oil or plant material with no effort at all. Clean the bag, rinse it well, and just stand it up to dry.

    Cleaning the silicone globe is also super easy. Just put it on, use soap and water to rinse the oil off of it and clean it up nicely. Keep in mind that the silicone glove is the only item in this kit that’s dishwasher safe.

    Cleaning the bottom part of the Magical Butter machine is also a quick and easy thing to do. Just wash it out at your kitchen sink and scrub it a bit with some dish soap and a sponge. Just be careful to not get any water on any of the hard-plastic parts, as these house the electrical connections of the machine. Just use your kitchen sponge to clean the inside of the machine with some soap and water, and then use a dish towel or paper to wipe clean the handle and the rest of the plastic parts.

    Washing the motor head is the longest part, but it should be an easy task if it’s done with care. This just takes you a bit more time as you need to be very careful to not get any water on the plastic parts since these house the control panel (interface) and the remaining electronics. Using a sprayer in your sink is probably the easiest method and will save you some time – you can use small bursts of hot water and just some soap. Then just clean the plastic parts with a damp cloth or paper to not waterlog and/or cause any damage to the electronics or the control panel and you should be done.


    Easy-to-Use 2 Button Operation & Multiple Temperature Settings

    The Magical Butter machine features a simple control panel that offers you multiple temperature settings, which allows you to prepare different types of butter and oils from different buds.

    Fast Process

    The Magical Butter machine offers quick timed cycles when making your own marijuana butter and marijuana instilled oil, which can be ready in as little as 1 hour.

    Multiple Uses & Decent Sized Batches

    The Magical Butter machine can be used to make butter, tincture, oils and even concentrates, making around 2-5 cups per cycle.

    Self-Cleaning Function

    Lastly, the blending button (found on the far right of the cycle buttons) also works as a Self-Cleaning Mode button, allowing you to clean the inside of the machine with ease.


    The Magical Butter Oil Infuser machine is a revolutionary device that allows you to infuse your own marijuana butter and marijuana instilled oil at home, with no efforts at all.

    The machine features a sturdy composition, is easy to operate and clean, and provides you with around 2-5 cups per cycle in as little time as 1 hour.

    Infusing your own oil is extremely easy. Just pick a base oil (ex: coconut oil), add your ground vaped buds, power up the machine, let it do its work, and your infused oil or butter will be ready to go. Effective and fast!

    Magical Butter Oil Infuser
    Magical Butter Oil Infuser

    If you’re interested in getting the Magical Butter Oil Infuser machine, each unit is currently going for $175. You can order yours online right now, directly from Vapor’s official website, which you can access by clicking this link.

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