Clore Automotive JNC770R 1700 Peak Amp Premium 12 Volt Jump Starter

Battery-powered jump starters are designed to work as portable battery devices that can be used to jump start a temporarily “dead” battery within most vehicles. These devices operate in a similar fashion to “reviving” a dead battery by using jumper cables. However, contrarily to using jumper cables, battery-powered jump starters do not require an additional vehicle to provide the power needed to boost your vehicle’s dead battery, as that’s already done by their built-in battery unit. Ultimately, these handy devices (jump starters) can come in many different designs, shapes, and sizes, and they’re typically rated in Amps. One of the best and most recently released jump starters is the Clore Automotive JNC770R.

The Clore Automotive JNC770R is a 1700 Peak Amp high-quality 12 Volt jump starter that comes equipped with a powerful and long-lasting Core PROFORMER battery that can ultimately offer you exceptional cranking power, extended cranking duration, and numerous jumps per charge.

With this jump starter packed in your trunk, you can always have the ultimate peace of mind, as you’ll always be ensured to have a fast and reliable way of restarting your car’s potentially dead battery in a matter of seconds with no complications what so ever.

Let’s take a more detailed look at the Clore Automotive JNC770R and check everything that’s packed inside this premium car jump starter.


Starting with its design, Clore Automotive’s recently released Jump-N-Carry JNC770R Jump Starter is a small and compact battery-powered jump starter that weighs exactly 23 lbs.

Clore Automotive JNC770R
Clore Automotive JNC770R

The JNC770R jump starter comes equipped with a durable hard plastic carrying handle that makes moving the jump starter around a very easy task, as well as a durable and high-quality rubberized base that ensures you’ll never scratch your disabled vehicle (or any of its components).

Furthermore, this jump starter comes equipped with a 68″ power cable that features a #2 AWG (American Wiring Gauge) Cable Gauge (welding cable leads) that’s equipped with durable alloy core and dual molded PowerJaw jump-starting power clamps at its end.

Thanks to its 68” cable reach users can easily reach the starting points on vehicles of all shapes and sizes. At the same time, the cable’s powerful PowerJaw clamps can deliver a maximum power transfer that’s rated up to 1000 amps.

This ultra-reliable jump starter also comes equipped with a built-in Clore PROFORMER battery that was specifically designed to empower users with a simple and always trustworthy jump starting application., which ultimately allows the JNC770R’s battery to deliver exceptional cranking power, extended cranking duration, and numerous jumps per charge.

Furthermore, the jump starter’s internal battery was also built with durability in mind, as it only integrates higher-quality components that you don’t usually find in many standard and cheaper jump starters (less reliable options from less-known manufacturers). This is exactly what ensures that the jump starter’s battery can last you for a very long time before you even think about swapping to another jump starter.

As mentioned before, the Clore Automotive JNC770R jump starter features a Peak Amp value of 1700 Amps and can ultimately provide up to 12 Volts of power per jump. In each jump-start attempt, users can get up to 425 CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) of jump-starting power.

This jump-starting power is enough to start any vehicle the size of a medium duty trucks.


Moving on to the JNC770R jump starter’s interface, the unit features a Master ON/OFF Switch that ensures that the power clamps are always inactive during its transportation and storage.

Clore Automotive JNC770R
Clore Automotive JNC770R

Not only that, but right at the center of the unit we can find a digital display that provides a detailed view of the unit’s state of charge. There’s also a high-intensity LED task light (located above the unit’s digital display panel) that provides users with additional visibility during the jump starter’s operation.


Furthermore, this jump starter can also be used as your personal temporary Power Bank for any of your portable devices as the unit also comes equipped with a 12VDC outlet that can be used to power any of your accessories.

Lastly, you also have Dual USB outlets (2.1A and 1.1A) that can be used to power small electronics, just like the already mentioned 12VDC outlet.


As mentioned before, the jump starter’s internal Clore PROFORMER battery unit can provide users with numerous jumps on a full charge. The number of jump-starts will obviously depend on the type of vehicle and vehicle’s battery that you use it with, but this should last you for a long while before having to recharge it back to a full charge.

Lastly, to recharge the JNC770R jump starter’s built-in Clore PROFORMER battery unit, there’s a built-in 3-Amp automatic charging system that makes recharging the entire unit fast and hassle-free.


Using the JNC770R jump starter to jump-start any vehicle’s “dead” battery is also quite simple.

Check out the company’s example video (embedded below) to see exactly how easy it is to use this reliable and powerful jump starter to quickly jump-start your car’s dead battery.


Inside each package users will find: their Clore Automotive JNC770R jump starter, one included 4 ft. Charging Cord (to recharge the unit’s internal battery), one included ESA1 Cable, the User Manual, and one included Repair Service Coupon (used for low cost, fixed fee repairs after the warranty period has reached its end).

Box Contents
Box Contents


The Clore Automotive JNC770R is a 1700 Peak Amp high-quality 12 Volt jump starter that features a powerful Core PROFORMER battery that packs exceptional cranking power and extended cranking duration, as well as numerous jumps per charge.

Clore Automotive JNC770R
Clore Automotive JNC770R

The jump starter’s built-in 3-Amp automatic charging system makes recharging the entire unit a super easy task.

Additionally, the unit’s Master ON/OFF Switch ensures that power is completely prevented from passing through the cable’s power clamps during transportation and storage, while the jump starter’s 12VDC outlet and Dual USB outlets (2.1A and 1.1A) can be used to recharge your portable devices.


If you’re interested in buying it, each unit is currently going for $160, coming with a 1-Year Limited Warranty. You can order yours online right now, directly from the Clore Automotive’s official shopping page, which you can access by clicking this link.