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    Mode – Smart Cannabis Vaping Device with Customizable Dosages

    Anyone that regularly uses medical marijuana for medicinal purposes knows that state laws can actually differ on the conditions that allow you to legally treat those same medical conditions with the use of medical marijuana. As the cannabis use for medical purposes is growing at a steady rate in the healthcare sector, so far, this natural product has already been approved for medical use in a total of 36 states and four territories. So, depending on what state you live in, you might be allowed to use it if you have Alzheimer’s, ALS, cancer, Crohn’s disease, epilepsy, seizures, hepatitis C, AIDS, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, posttraumatic stress disorder, chronic pain, severe nausea, or even a few sleeping disorders. With that said, for those who use cannabis for treating said conditions, vaping the drug can be a bit of a trial-and-error process, as you can never be completely sure that you took the exact dose your body required to help you treat your medical condition, which in contrast, would be the exact opposite case of simply taking an already dose-tested standard edible or pill. Now, there’s a brand-new smart cannabis device that promises to solve that said dosing problem. Meet the Mode.

    The Mode is a state-of-the-art smart cannabis vaping device that aims to improve your cannabis dosing and intake, featuring Inhale & Exhale Haptic Guidance and a Real-Time Dose Control.

    In fact, the Mode is actually the very first-of-its-kind device that can give you an ideal cannabis experience, each and every time, thus taking your cannabis-vaping experience to a whole new level.

    Basically, the way the Mode aim to solve that said cannabis-dosing problem is by using a high-res pressure sensor that can help to determine how much a user is inhaling, which is then combined with a prediction algorithm that can accurately determine exactly how many micromilligrams a user is getting per puff based on the device’s attached cartridge.

    As mentioned before, people can treat many different medical conditions by relying on the use of cannabis, but it’s important to know that some medical-marijuana patients actually use different varieties of cannabis in order to treat more than one condition. For example, a user might require a different dose (and potentially, even a different blend) of cannabis to treat their anxiety condition during the day from the dosage that they would be using at night as a sleep aid that would help them with any specific sleep-related disorders.

    This is exactly why being able to fine-tune the number of milligrams (and micromilligrams per puff) would come in handy for any of those medical-marijuana patients/users.

    Now, with all that said, let’s have a slightly more detailed look at the Mode and check exactly how this smart cannabis vaping device works as well as see all that this masterpiece of a vaping device has to offer you.


    Starting with the unit’s design, the Mode comes at a very compact size, which makes this smart vaping device ultra-portable. Not only that, but the unit also features a very sleek and minimalist design that gives it a very nice look.

    Mode Smart Cannabis Vaping Device
    Mode Smart Cannabis Vaping Device

    Furthermore, this Smart Cannabis Vaping Device is solely built with inert and stable medical-grade materials of the highest quality, which basically means that the only thing entering your body is the cannabis from your choice of extract, and so, you’ll have the knowledge and peace of mind that you won’t be letting in any hazardous chemicals that would typically be stemming from any inferior materials that are seen on standard low-end “smart” vaping devices.

    That is exactly what ultimately makes the Mode the best choice of Smart Vaping Device to go with for simplifying Cannabis Dosing, and that goes for both Patients and Healthcare Professionals.

    That said, the Mode integrates a tear-resistant silicone air passageway that goes right from the bottom of the device all the way through to the cartridge, and that same air passageway is built separately from all of the unit’s electronic components, except for its built-in high-res pressure sensor (which we’ve mentioned before and we’ll discuss ahead in more detail, right in the article’s “HOW DOES IT WORK?” section).

    Additionally, the Mode also uses a high-grade stainless steel on its heat shield (within the unit’s tube), and the unit’s outer case is mainly made of raw ABS plastic; the reason why that is is that the company stated that it wanted to stay away from paint, which could potentially lead to unwanted emissions.

    Lastly, this smart vaping device also comes equipped with a small and reasonably basic built-in touchscreen, which conveniently displays your currently configured those, while also featuring a built-in digital Touch Slider that allows users to adjust their cannabis dosage with the ultimate precision, all the way down to the milligram.


    It’s also worth to mention that the Mode is also fully-compatible with any of the standard universal 510 threaded cartridges that are currently available on the market, and thanks to that, you’re offered the freedom to enjoy a multitude of strains from any of your favorite and market-trusted brands.

    What gives the Mode its full-compatibility with any of your typical universal 510 threaded cartridges is its built-in medical-grade Quick-Snap Silicone Connector, which requires no screwing and no twisting whatsoever for changing out between different 510 cartridges.


    Since the Mode is designed to work as a truly smart vaping device, the unit obviously comes equipped with a built-in 385mAh Lithium-ion custom battery that can offer you between a week and two weeks of battery life for a user taking between 5 to 20mg per day.

    Keep in mind that those values will go down to a bare minimum if the unit is continually used to crush through cartridges, as unlike several of your typical standard vaping devices, that’s not the main purpose of the Mode, as mentioned before.

    Not only that, but the unit’s internal rechargeable battery also features Fast Charging capabilities, and as such, you can simply connect its included USB-C Charging Cable to the unit’s built-in USB-C Charging Port to have its battery quickly charged in just a couple of hours.


    So, as you’ve most likely figured out by now, the Mode is not designed to work as your typical “smart” vaping device, meaning those that you can simply use to hit multiple puffs and blow out clouds all day.

    Nope. Thanks to the Mode’s built-in high-res pressure sensor, this truly smart vaping device can accurately determine how much a user is inhaling.

    Furthermore, since this truly smart vaping device also runs a prediction algorithm that can accurately determine exactly how many micromilligrams a user is getting per puff based on the device’s attached cartridge, you can quickly and conveniently get a one-milligram pill dosage intake and happily go on with your day.

    Here’s a quick example that was given by Mode’s Co-Founder Izzy Kirsch.

    Let’s say you’re using cannabis for sleep and you know exactly what dosage you’ll need to help you treat your medical condition.

    Mode Smart Cannabis Vaping Device
    Mode Smart Cannabis Vaping Device

    All you have to do is to simply put your cartridge into the Mode device, set it to a dosage between 1 and 5 milligrams, and inhale. After that, the unit will turn Off its heater and then vibrate smoothly, which basically gives users some haptic feedback that very conveniently informs them as soon as they’ve reached their desired (and pre-configured) dosage.


    The Mode also comes with its very own Smartphone Companion App, which is simply called the Mode App, and will soon be available to download for free for both iOS and Android devices.

    Mode App
    Mode App

    The Mode App itself features the first ever control dashboard for personalized cannabis consumption, and so, it provides users with unlimited access to detailed dosage plans, product information for market-trusted 510 threaded cartridge brands, a Feedback Loop, personalized recommendations and even your very own consumption analytics.

    Mode App
    Mode App


    Inhale & Exhale Haptic Guidance

    The Mode can also offer its users a gentle buzz with a simple vibration that lets you know when your desired dose-intake is complete, allowing you to know exactly when to stop inhaling, and after that, the unit will once again vibrate gently to let you know exactly when you should exhale.

    Real-Time Dose Control

    Thanks to the Mode’s built-in touchscreen and its digital Touch Slider, users can easily adjust the device’s Dose Control settings with a simple touch in order to accurately adjust their dose with absolute precision, all the way down to the milligram.

    Child/Tamper-Proof Safety Functionality

    Additionally, the Mode also features a Child/Tamper-Proof Safety Feature, as this smart vaping device can also be conveniently locked by its users, either manually or remotely (by using the App).


    The Mode is a state-of-the-art smart cannabis vaping device that aims to improve your cannabis dosing and intake, featuring Inhale & Exhale Haptic Guidance and a Real-Time Dose Control.

    Mode Smart Cannabis Vaping Device
    Mode Smart Cannabis Vaping Device

    With it, people that are looking to treat many different medical conditions by relying on the use of state-approved medical marijuana can have the most accurate method of dosing their cannabis-intake that’s currently available in this new decade.

    For those that are interested in buying it, know that the Mode is already available for Pre-Order, and each unit will retail for $100 when it’s available later this year (for the unit’s public release, the company is targeting this year’s early summer). Furthermore, each purchase also includes a 1-Year Limited Hardware Warranty as well as Free Shipping costs. To place your pre-order, simple head over to Mode’s official shopping page, which you can access by clicking the provided link.

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