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    IG Charcoal BBQ – State of the Art Charcoal Barbecue Grill

    Whenever you’re looking to buy a high-tech device like a Smartphone or tablet, you obviously understand how important it is to make your purchase based on the slight differences that exist between different models. Now, when it comes to purchasing your personal charcoal barbecue grill, while you might be tempted to skip that same meticulous selection process and go with any model that looks like it can get the job done, you should at least consider looking at the most important features of each grill. That said, while any grill can easily be used to barbecue meat, skipping that comparison process could end up with you having to buy a new grill after a few days, as there are significant differences between distinct models that set them apart from each other. So, if you’re looking for a reliable barbecue grill that’s easy to set up and manage and portable enough to move around with ease while also featuring some other convenient features, than the IG Charcoal BBQ could very well be what you’re looking for.

    The IG Charcoal BBQ is a state-of-the-art charcoal barbecue grill that offers you an easy assembly process and features a durable build, a large grill top, foldable side trays, and adjustable heat controls with a lifting mechanism.

    IG Charcoal BBQ
    IG Charcoal BBQ

    Not only that, but this ultra-modern also includes an Ash Collector Tray that makes it much easier for you to clean the unit once you’re done grilling your delicious recipes.

    All that makes the IG Charcoal BBQ the perfect choice of charcoal barbecue grill to go with, where you’ll be able to grill meat skewers, kebabs and anything else in between with absolute ease at any time you see fit. With it, you’ll be having one of the best charcoal grills that you can currently find available on the market and be able to take your BBQ game to the next level.

    Now, let’s have a more detailed look at this awesome grilling machine and check out everything that it has to offer you.


    Starting with the grill’s exact size, the IG Charcoal BBQ measures 41.3 inches long with its side trays closed (or 61.1 inches long with its side trays opened up) by 22 inches wide by 33.5 inches tall. The unit weights exactly 71 lbs (32.20 kg).

    IG Charcoal BBQ
    IG Charcoal BBQ

    Overall, this charcoal barbecue grill features a very modern, minimalist and classic look that give it a very sleek and aesthetically pleasing design. Additionally, since the whole unit features a Stainless-Steel construction, the grill’s entire body is also extremely durable.

    Now, onto the grill’s several components. Starting right at the top of the grill’s extra-large grill top, we have its 2-piece Removable Grill Top, for which each side comes equipped with easy-to-grip handles.

     At both sides of the grill’s Removable Grill Top, we also have its Foldable Side Trays, which provide BBQ cooks with that some additionally working space that can be conveniently used to place all the tools within their BBQ tool-set (including items like a tongs, spatula, fork and brush), as well as any other BBQ accessories that you might commonly use, like a meat-thermometer for example, which is usually used by more experienced BBQ cooks that are looking to achieve any specific meat temperature (meaning the meat “doneness” level, you could say).

    The grill’s Foldable Side Trays are solely built of Stainless Steel, which not only makes them reasonably durable and stain-proof, but also very easy to clean.

    Not only that, but if we take a closer look at the grill’s Foldable Side Trays’s hinges, we can quickly see that, just like the rest of the grill’s entire body, these hinges are also solely built of Stainless Steel, thus proving to be as durable as the grill itself.

    Moving on further down the grill, right under its cooking area, we also have another Stainless-Steel Accessories Tray at the bottom side of the grill, which, just like its Foldable Side Trays, can also be used for placing any other accessories that you might be looking to use while grilling your own favorite recipes.

    Now, close to the center of the grill’s body, slightly at the right side of the unit, we also have a Temperature Control Rotating Handle that can be conveniently used to raise and lower the grill’s charcoal bed.

    Once again, just like the rest of the grill’s body, its Temperature Control Rotating Handle comes fully built of Stainless Steel, so it is as durable as any of the grill’s other parts.

    Ultimately, this built-in Rotating Handle provides BBQ cooks with a reliable way of temperature control for the grill’s cooking process, thus allowing chefs to choose whether they cook their meat slower, char their food, or cook their meat faster, and easily go through any of those cooking methods whenever they see fit.

    Moving slightly further down, just underneath the grill’s Temperature Control Rotating Handle, coming right at the bottom of its cooking area, we also have its previously mentioned Ash Collector Tray, which makes it much easier for you to clean the unit once you’re done grilling your delicious recipes.

    Lastly, the unit’s two (x2) Removable Locking Wheels come equipped with easy-to-use quick-locking latches, and as such, allow you to easily and conveniently hold the grill in place without having to remove them, which ultimately combines portability with its easy-to-follow set-up process (which we’ll discuss right ahead).


    Now, all of the IG Charcoal BBQ’s grill-parts come neatly packed inside an extra-durable cardboard box, and come perfectly separated from each other, as well as individually protected from one another.

    Thanks to that, setting up the grill is a very quick process, and shouldn’t take you much longer than 15~20 minutes overall.

    It’s just a matter of carefully getting all of the pieces out of the package one by one, unwrapping them, and assembling the whole unit together, which shouldn’t take much energy out of you, especially because you can easily read and follow the unit’s included User Manual and Quick Installation Guide.

    After you’re done setting up the grill, it’s just a matter of going with your preferred choice of charcoal brand, and picking up a few chunks to fill up the grill’s charcoal bed.

    IG Charcoal BBQ
    IG Charcoal BBQ


    The IG Charcoal BBQ is a state-of-the-art charcoal barbecue grill that offers you an easy assembly process and features a durable build, a large grill top, foldable side trays, and adjustable heat controls with a lifting mechanism.

    IG Charcoal BBQ
    IG Charcoal BBQ

    Featuring a very modern and minimalist design, a combination of Stainless Steel Side Trays and Bottom tray that provide you with additional space for your cooking tools and accessories, an easy-to-clean Ash Collector Tray that can be quickly removed to throw away all of the collected ashes, and a built-in Temperature Control Rotating Handle that allows BBQ cooks to easily raise or lower the grill’s charcoal bed at their desired position, this state-of-the-art charcoal barbecue grill is a great choice to go with for any barbecue-enthusiasts out there.

    While it’s perfect to grill any meat over its grill-surface, you can also quickly uninstall its Removable Grill Top and simply grill some delicious skewer-mixes with meat and vegetables over your charcoal chunks.

    If you’re interested in buying the IG Charcoal BBQ Grill, each unit is currently going for just $499 each. You can order yours online right now, directly from IGBBQ’s official shopping page, which you can access by clicking here.

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