UVCare Portable Germinator 2.0 – UV-C & Ozone Sterilization System

UVCare Portable Germinator 2.0

With the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic starting to fade away at a very slow pace, it’s extremely important for us to do literally everything we can in order to make sure we don’t allow for another unexpected outbreak to occur. With that said, while the mandatory use of face masks and face shields combined with personal hygiene-focused habits like regularly washing your hands and regularly using hand sanitizing gel can help, so can sterilization-focused and sanitizing gadgets. This brings us to the UVCare Portable Germinator 2.0.

The UVCare Portable Germinator 2.0 is a portable sterilization system that can be used to sterilize enclosed spaces by combining a UV-C Light with Ozone Technology.

By combining a built-in UV-C Light with Ozone Technology as its two powerful sterilization technologies, the UVCare Portable Germinator 2.0 is without a doubt one of the most powerful sterilization gadgets that you can currently find available on the market.

As such, this compact and ultra-portable sterilization system has the power to kill germs and foul smells, and so, you can easily bring it with you wherever you go and ultimately use it to destroy bacteria, viruses, and odors within your car’s trunk and/or glove compartment, and also within boxes, cabinets, toilets, and shelves, as well as within any other enclosed spaces that you can think of.

So, without any more delays, let’s have a more detailed look at this cool-looking portable sterilization system and check out everything that the UVCare Portable Germinator 2.0 has to offer you.


Starting with the unit’s size, this sterilization system comes at a very compact size, measuring exactly 2.95 inches in diameter by 5.59 inches tall (7.5 cm in diameter x 14.2 cm tall). Furthermore, the Portable Germinator 2.0 is also quite lightweight, as the unit only weighs a measly 1.10 lbs. (0.5 kg).

UVCare Portable Germinator 2.0
UVCare Portable Germinator 2.0

Moving on to the unit’s design, the system features a bullet-like shape, and when it comes to killing / destroying germs like bacteria, viruses, and any potential odors, it also surely functions like one. Most of the unit’s body is made of combination of metal (for a tougher structure) and a high-quality and ultra-durable ABS Plastic, thus making its outer shell reasonably durable.

It’s built-in U-Shaped Quartz Glass UV-C Light features a UV-C Wavelength of exactly 254 nm and a maximum Coverage Area of 107 sq.ft. (10 sqm). Thanks to that, it only takes the unit between 15 minutes to 30 minutes (user’s choice) to have one of its two different UVC Sterilization Time-based Modes to finishing sanitizing any enclosed space where you set it up.

UVCare Portable Germinator 2.0
UVCare Portable Germinator 2.0

Not only that, but thanks to its powerful Ozone Technology, the Portable Germinator 2.0 is a great personal sterilization system for surface disinfection and odor management.

Lastly, by having that same combination of the unit’s UV-C Light working together with its Ozone Technology as the system’s two sterilization technologies, the Portable Germinator 2.0 can both sterilizes and deodorize any small enclosure, while also easily address any shadowed areas and crevices and sterilize them without any problem whatsoever.

UVCare Portable Germinator 2.0
UVCare Portable Germinator 2.0

I’d also like to point out that b oth of the system’s sterilization technologies (meaning its UV-C Light and Ozone Tech) were laboratory tested and also work in a chemical-free manner.


When it comes to the system’s controls, the UVCare Portable Germinator 2.0 only comes equipped with two simple buttons.

Right at the front of the unit’s body and installed right at the center, we can find its its Sterilization Mode Button, which can be used to choose between its two different Time-Based UV-C Sterilization Modes (15 minutes UV-C Sterilization process or 30 minutes UV-C Sterilization process).

Pressing the unit’s Sterilization Mode Button once will trigger the system to run its Sterilization Mode with its UV-C Light for exactly 15 minutes, allowing you to have it quickly sterilize whatever enclosed space you’ve set up the unit at.

Alternatively, for those looking for a more through sterilization process, pressing that same Sterilization Mode Button for a second time will allow users to configure to unit to run its Sterilization Mode with its UV-C Light for exactly 30 minutes, thus providing you with a more thorough sterilization process within whatever enclosed space you’ve set up the unit at.

Right above the unit’s Sterilization Mode Button, we can also find a small built-in LED light that will correspondingly light up with either a Green Light color (for its 15 minutes UV-C Sterilization Mode) or a Blue Light color (for its 30 minutes UV-C Sterilization Mode). So, the unit’s LED light’s color will simply depend on what time duration you choose for the system’s V-C Sterilization Mode.

Lastly, right above its built-in LED light, we also have the unit’s built-in Motion Sensor, which can be easily activated to have the unit automatically shutting Off its UV-C and Ozone Technology Sterilization Process whenever it detects any movement in front of the unit.

The unit’s Motion Sensor can be enabled or disabled via the Safety Switch that can be found at the bottom of the unit. Positioning that Safety Switch at its left (Auto) position enables the unit’s Motion Sensor to work automatically, while positioning it at its middle (Manual) position disables it entirely, while still allowing the system’s UV-C Sterilization Mode to work by manually activating it via its dedicated Sterilization Mode Button.

Additionally, positioning it at its right (Off) position will have it work as your dedicated Child-Lock Safety Switch, which means that it complete disables the unit and prevents the system from working entirely.


Now, since the Portable Germinator 2.0 is designed to work as a portable sterilization system, the unit is obviously powered by a built-in battery, which for this 2nd-gen unit’s case, is a powerful 1800 mAh Lithium-Ion Battery that features a Rated Voltage of 5.0 V DC and can offer you a few hours of battery life before having to re-charge it.

Speaking of recharging the system’s battery, the whole process is quite simple, as all you have to do is to connect its included Micro-USB Charging Cable to the unit’s built-in Micro-USB Charging port.

Keep in mind that you’re required to leave the unit recharging for at least 3 hours to have its internal battery recharging from 0% back to 100% power.


So, we’ll now have a look at how you’re supposed to use this portable sterilization system.

First of all, since the unit’s battery comes completely depleted (to ensure users’ safety), the first thing you’ll have to do is to fully charge the unit for around 3 hours.

After that, all you have to do is to select your preferred Sterilization Mode by sliding the switch at the bottom of the unit to be positioned either at its Auto position (to have the unit working together with its built-in Motion Sensor) or Manual (having the unit working without its Motion Sensor).

For its Manual Mode, to select the system’s 15 minute Sterilization Time you simply have to perform a long-press on its Sterilization Mode Button for exactly 2 seconds, meaning just until its LED light lights up with a Green Light Indicator.

Alternatively, and still for its Manual Mode, to select the system’s 30 minute Sterilization Time process you just have to press on its Sterilization Mode Button twice, meaning until its LED light lights up with a Blue Light Indicator.

Now, for having the unit running on its Auto Mode (meaning with Motion Sensor working automatically), all you have to do is to position its Safety Switch (located at the bottom) to its left (meaning Auto) position, and then its just a matter of going through the exact same interaction process with the unit’s Sterilization Mode Button,

After having the system’s Motion Sensor activated, the unit’s UV-C lamp will automatically shut off whenever the device senses any movement.

Additionally, no matter if you have its Auto Mode or Manual Mode selected, as soon as the system is done with its Sterilization Process, the unit’s UV-C light will automatically turn off after its done running its time-based sterilization process (both for its 15 and 30 minute run-times).

Lastly, it’s important to note that you should always allow for an additional down time that would be equivalent to your chosen sterilization time (15 or 30 minutes), and that’s just to ensure that any residual ozone from the unit’s Ozone Technology has fully dissipated.


Obviously, when compared to several other sterilization systems that you can currently find available on the market, the UVCare Portable Germinator 2.0 offers you some unique advantages.

First of all, the unit is both compact in size as well as extremely lightweight, thus making it perfectly portable, so you’re offered your own personal UV-C and Ozone-based sterilization system that you can carry with you everywhere you go in order to quickly and convenintely sterilize any small compartments or enclosures.

Thanks to that, you can carry it with you inside your car, place it inside your freezer’s drawer once you arrive home from your groceries shopping runs, or even carry it with you within your purse if you’re planning to go run some other errands.

Additionally, its portable design also makes it easy for users to not only use, but also to maintain the system, as all you really have to worry about is recharging its built-in battery once its running low on power or completely depleted.


The Portable Germinator 2.0 comes neatly packed inside a small, yet durable carboard box.


Inside each package users will find: their UVCare Portable Germinator 2.0 unit, the unit’s included Micro-USB Charging Cable, and a User’s Manual.


The UVCare Portable Germinator 2.0 is a portable sterilization system that can be used to sterilize enclosed spaces by combining a UV-C Light with Ozone Technology.

UVCare Portable Germinator 2.0
UVCare Portable Germinator 2.0

Overall, this is a very handy sterilization system to have with you at all times, as its built-in UV-C Light and its integrated Ozone Technology can make sure that you’re everyday carry items, your car’s glove compartment’s stored items and even your purchased groceries items are always perfectly sterilized before use.

If you’re interested in buying it, each unit is currently going for $105.99. You can order yours online right now, directly from UVCare USA’s official shopping page, which you can access by clicking this link.