Say Hello to Barista Bot. A bean-to-cup coffee machine that’ll make you ask “where ya bean all my life?”

Coffee enthusiasts aren’t ready for this. 2021 isn’t even ready for this.

Once upon a time, a coffee addict stole Aladdin’s magic lamp and made a few wishes.

The fella addicted to a good ol’ cup of Joe asked for something seemingly impossible: one coffee machine that could do it all.

And by all, we mean:

Barista Bot

  • Brew gorgeously-roasted coffee. Not just a basic Americano, but maybe a few other types.
  • Flow at the right temperature. Not tongue-scorching or awkwardly lukewarm.
  • Use a water filter, because who wants worse tasting coffee?
  • Cleans itself. Because the only cleaning we want to do in the morning is of our faces and teeth.
  • Doesn’t harm the environment. God knows we don’t need a guilt trip about global warming or turtles in the ocean while sipping our Cappuccino.
  • Sync with our technological world. Alexa, Google Home and your phone should be able to communicate with it.
  • Silently grind fresh coffee beans. Without waking the neighbors on the 21’st floor or your dog.

The genie looked at the fool and said, “Don’t waste a wish on THAT. Just get a Barista Bot.”

But beyond the fairytale metaphors we’re using ladies and gentlemen, we’re absolutely serious. The Barista Bot is an automatic coffee making machine that goes miles beyond your simple frothy top, tasty coffee expectations.

It’s a fridge, water filter, temperature moderator, intelligent robot and personalized coffee maker that saves you time, money and peace of mind.

Barista Bot
Barista Bot

16 types of coffee at the touch of a button in a pre-heated mug, with freshly ground beans, filtered water mixed together for the perfect hot liquid trickle of coffee. Perfect when you’re braindead, forgot your usual order and need a machine to work from a click on your phone, or a quick request to Alexa or Google home.

It really is the answer to every qualitative survey and focus group ever created on what people expect from a coffee machine.

It’s a bot. One that won’t intimidate you or take over the world.

It will however, take over your senses, your favorite coffee shop, your friendly barista round the corner, and also whatever used to be the highlight of your morning.

The Barista Bot is best friends with Alexa, Google Home and your phone. Just scan a QR code and you’ll be connected to all of them.

So, feel free to be lazy, meticulous, environmentally savy, picky, technologically updated or passionate about functionality. Barista Bot is the true definition of one-size-fits-all.

It’s a machine that your Myer-Briggs personality type, horoscope, Mother-in-law and your childhood best friends can all agree is absolutely right for you.

So, write a goodbye letter to your favorite coffee shop, and use those expensive coffee capsules as some kind of décor at home. You won’t be needing them anymore.

Order your Barista Bot now.

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