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    Attract New Customers Without Spending a Fortune

    Attract New Customers Without Spending a Fortune

    Wouldn’t it be nice to bring in new clients without having to build a gigantic promotional campaign from the ground up? The fact is that most entrepreneurs who recently opened their startup’s doors are operating on tight budgets. In many cases, these first-time owners have more time than capital, and are betting off figuring out how to use those additional hours to increase the number of paying customers.

    Fortunately, you need not be an IT expert or hold an MBA degree to increase traffic on e-commerce websites or in brick-and-mortar storefronts.

    Here are some of the most effective ways to draw new clients without having to increase expenses in the process.

    Work the Forums

    No matter what kind of services or goods you sell, there’s an online forum related to it. For common products, like computer peripherals and cosmetics, there are hundreds of chat rooms, Q-and-A discussion platforms, and other social locations in the digital universe where customers swap stories and product ratings.


    Many of these arenas get their fair share of sellers who interact with consumers and answer their questions. If you can dedicate even a few hours each week to that kind of effort, and are mindful of forum etiquette, the payoff can be worth the time investment.

    Using SEO For Excellent Blog Content

    Optimizing your content to place higher in search engine results is one of the oldest and most effective ways to get the attention of large groups of potential clients. One of the most essential aspects of writing articles that can do that is SEO. Broadly referred to by those three capital letters, Search Engine Optimization involves dozens of varying methods, the use of relevant key words being the main one.


    For instance, if you’re a seller on a third-party e-commerce platform and want to expand your entire online presence relatively quickly, consider reviewing a guide on Etsy SEO tips for selling in 2021. Enlivening product descriptions with words that shoppers frequently search for can work on most any e-commerce store’s site.

    Producing Videos

    All you need is a $15 webcam and something to sell. From there, virtually anyone can produce a quality video clip, along with audio narration, about the benefits of their company’s products. By making the most out of video content you are killing many birds with one stone. Don’t ignore the potential of this simple avenue.


    Done right, a well-crafted, short, interesting clip can capture the attention of thousands, sometimes millions, of internet users. Chances are, people who watch are already potential buyers, so pay close attention to queries you receive from those who have viewed your piece.

    Guest Blogging

    Spend 30 minutes identifying at least a dozen blogs that are focused on a subject area closely related to your product or service. Make your best guess about what kinds of people read the blogs and try to find ones whose readers have much in common with your core demographic.

    Contact the blog’s owner and offer to contribute a guest article that would be of interest to the site. Don’t forget to place your name and company link at the bottom of the piece, but always follow the owner’s guidelines about how to include you company’s name and website address.

    David Novak
    David Novak
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