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    How To Buy A PEMF Machine: Steps To Purchase The Right Device

    Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy has multiple benefits, and getting a PEMF machine may be the best investment for your health.

    But which is the best device for you? Or, what should you look for in a PEMF machine? Do you also have these questions?

    Keep on reading to understand what may help you decide the best device for you or your loved ones.

    So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

    What We Need to Know Before Buy PEMF Device

    Here are a few things you need to consider:

    Your Needs

    • Before buying a PEMF machine, it is best to clear a few things:
    • Do you have an acute problem or a chronic one?
    • Conditions you intend to manage PEMF, or is it for improving general wellbeing?
    • Do you travel often and need to carry the device with you?
    • Is it only for you or for other family members as well?

    For instance, if you need PEMF to improve your health, an entry-level device should be sufficient. But if you have different health conditions, it is best to select a machine with multiple high intensities and two channels that allow the use of two applicators in different body parts.

    Besides, if multiple family members use it, your machine needs to have a range of frequencies and programs to select from.

    Sentient Element Classic - Dual Coil PEMF Therapy Device
    Sentient Element Classic – Dual Coil PEMF Therapy Machine

    If you travel often, your machine needs to be portable. It should also be a simple device that is easy to carry and operate.

    All in all, your lifestyle and health conditions play a vital role in deciding the suitable PEMF device for you.


    The manufacturer you buy the machine from is also worth researching for. Here are a few things to know about the company or manufacturer:

    • Reliability
    • Money-back-guarantee
    • Repair service
    • US-based customer services
    • Expertise and experience
    • Professional or medical training

    Besides, many devices are FDA-registered, while others are FDA-approved. FDA registered means that they are aware of the device being sold. But FDA approval means that they approve the use of the device as some scientific studies have been carried out.

    However, a device can be safe and effective even if they are not FDA approved or registered.

    So, focus on other factors while deciding and don’t heavily rely on the FDA approval or registration.

    What Should We Look for In A PEMF Device?

    Once you know your needs, you need to dig a little deeper about the properties of your PEMF devices, especially its magnetic field emission and construction.

    Here are a few vital parameters to consider:


    Although all PEMF intensities are beneficial, some intensity values may be more useful for you than others based on the condition.

    For instance, low intensity won’t penetrate areas of the body with thick skin or plaster. Thus, high electromagnetic intensity is essential in these cases.

    Besides, high intensity of power can help nerves and muscles regenerate as well as regain their lost functions.

    High intensity is also preferable for mental conditions such as depression. Besides, research also shows that high-intensity PEMF is safe for the brain.

    However, low intensity is preferable for individuals sensitive to EMF.

    So, look for PEMF machines with the intensity that can help you with your condition.


    It is essential to know that PEMF devices use multiple ranges of frequencies. Low-frequency therapy involves the use of medium to high intensities but at low frequencies. They are indicated for treating bone and tissue fractures. They may also help manage pain and improve cell’s functioning.

    Sentient Element Classic - Single Coil PEMF Therapy Machine
    Sentient Element Classic – Single Coil PEMF Therapy Machine (Official Website Link Embedded)

    On the other hand, high-frequency PEMF emits high-frequency waves at low intensity. It is mainly used to manage conditions affecting soft tissues such as tendons and muscles.

    So, there it is essential to understand the difference between frequency and intensity.


    The intensity of the magnetic field reduces with increasing distance from the treatment area. So, it is best to have contact between the skin and emitting source.

    Thus, one of the essential factors is being able to wear the applicator, allowing contact with the part to be treated. But the applicator should also be comfortable and not painful.

    Protocols and Programs

    Some devices have a single program, while others have multiple. While none of the options is better or worse, it is best to be aware of the programs that come with your PEMF device.

    Biorhythm clocks in the PEMF machine function according to the time. So, the frequencies are higher in the morning and lesser in the evening.

    But as we learned earlier, certain disorders respond to higher frequency while others to lower. It is thus possible that you may have to use these frequencies differently from what was originally programmed.

    Some systems may also come with built-in disease or condition-based protocols. While these settings may be helpful, they are not essential. It also depends on your preference.


    Polarity doesn’t affect the pulsed electromagnetic fields. So, you don’t have to worry much about it.


    We hope that this article has helped you understand essential factors to look out for before buying a PEMF device.

    The mentioned points will help you make an informed decision.

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