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    8 Surprising Benefits To VPN Services

    Adding a VPN to your computer is going to provide you with a good deal of protection when you go online. There are two main benefits that you are able to utilize here. The first is privacy. By masking your location, search history, and IP location, it is harder for websites and ISPs to find where you are and look at what you are doing online.

    Security is also another important feature of using a VPN service. These services are able to protect your data and other personal information when it is in transit, or when it is being sent from or received by your device.

    A VPN is a service that everyone should consider using for their own needs and to make browsing online a bit safer. Here’s a VPN Guide to select the best service for you and to start reaping these surprising benefits:

    1. Hides Private Information

    Without a VPN, the apps and websites on your phone or computer are able to constantly track the activity that you do online and then they will analyze all of the data they collect. With a VPN, the web browsers are no longer able to access the connection so your information is secure the whole time. This keeps all that private information as safe as possible.

    2. Avoid Data-Throttling

    Data throttling occurs when you have used up to a certain amount of the data you are allowed to on a data plan. When this happens, the internet service provider will slow down your service, making web pages take longer to load and adding to the frustration of trying to use your device.

    A VPN is able to help out with this. Your data is going to be kept away from the ISPs and others and you will no longer need to worry about a data cap at all. ISPs are notorious for leaving caps on data so that they can maximize the internet speed for some of the higher-paying customers. With a VPN, they won’t know when to cap you.

    3. Avoid Bandwidth Throttling

    This is another issue that you can experience on your devices. If you have ever noticed that your internet speed is slower at different times or on certain websites, then you are familiar with bandwidth throttling. ISPs, or anyone who has the right controls on the network you use, could cause this slowdown, but a VPN can help.

    Your VPN is going to slow down some of the sluggishness that will show up by encrypting the internet traffic on the device. This will prevent anyone else on your network from seeing your web traffic and makes it less likely that you will run into problems.

    4. Get Access to Services Blocked By Regions

    Depending on the VPN that you get, you may be able to use them to access content that is geo-blocked, such as some content that is only available through certain countries on Netflix. This is because the VPN is good at changing the IP address so it looks like you are in a new location, one that allows access to that information.

    You should read through the Terms of Service agreements to see what the streaming service will allow and then follow those guidelines. There are some countries that have penalties for those who are caught using the VPN to circumvent some of the rules so be careful with that.

    5. Get Regional Sports Coverage

    Image Source: Pixabay (Link Embedded)
    Image Source: Pixabay (Link Embedded)

    Sometimes you may want to get regional sports coverage that is not available in the area you live. Some VPNs will provide you with that coverage, even when it is geographically restricted. For example, NBC may not be available for you to view if you are not in the United States.

    A VPN is able to help you view the right sports to help you enjoy your weekend. There are some VPNs that will make this possible and will ensure that you can watch what you would like.

    6. Less Expensive Telephone Charges

    If you spend a lot of time calling people long-distance, then it may be time to look into a VPN and see if this can provide you with some of the help that you need. Some types of VPNs are able to reduce the charges that you pay on long-distance phone calls.

    For example, rather than having to connect through remote access services and then dial-up networks in order to access the intranet for a company, you may be able to connect using the local ISP access point. This will help to cut down on the costs while you still make some of your online calls.

    7. Reduce Your Support Costs

    A VPN can even be helpful for your own business. The right VPN is going to help reduce the costs to a business when it comes to maintaining their servers and providing some of the best services to customers.

    The reason that this can be successful is that the business will outsource its support to third-party providers. These providers will offer a lower cost structure, through the many clients they work with, and then pass the savings on to the business.

    8. Network Scalability

    As your company works to grow, they will find that the costs go up as they build their own dedicated private network. This can sometimes be a big deterrent along the way.

    An internet-based VPN will allow the business to tap into the right network capabilities and lines, which are already available, giving them international and remote locations to get things done. Overall, this allows them to provide better reach and service quality to each of their customers.

    Get the Right VPN

    Image Source: Pixabay (Link Embedded)
    Image Source: Pixabay (Link Embedded)

    There are so many benefits that you are able to enjoy when you choose the VPN to utilize. Not only does it provide you with a good sense of security and privacy when you are online, but you can get some of the great benefits that are above. With the help of the right VPN, your online browsing can change instantly.

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